New! - ChartField Masking Available

A new enhancement to UM Financial Reports has been initiated.  ChartField Masking allows designated users to create a descriptive name for an individual chart string which is stored in a data table.  The stored name could then be selected as an option when running certain non-sponsored UM Financial Reports and should make it easier for report users to find and recognize specific chart strings.

CLA has a custom of using designated chart strings for common, shared activities and functions across the college, e.g. credit instruction funds - program code 20031, academic department administration - program code 20000, etc.  In an effort to maintain this practice in EFS and ensure consistency, we have asked Financial Service Teams to manage the ChartField Masking.  They will do their best to balance department needs with collegiate consistency.   More communication will be forthcoming once a more specific plan has been developed.  In the meantime, we wanted you to be aware of this new improvement in EFS.   

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