SCHOLARSHIP PROCESSING - March 5 New Freshman Deadline

On Monday, March 1, 2010 you may begin entering Fall/Spring 2010-2011 scholarship awards in PeopleSoft. March 5, 2010 is the deadline for all incoming new freshman scholarships to be entered in order to be included on the Estimated Financial Aid Award Notice (EFAAN) for Fall/Spring 2010-2011.

NOTE:  The Office of Student Finance sends estimated financial aid award packages to all incoming freshmen in March so that they are better able to make a decision on what school they choose to attend.  Any scholarship award that is not included in this estimated package could have a negative impact on their decision to attend the U of M because they would have an incomplete financial picture.  Therefore, Student Finance asks that all departments do their best to have freshmen scholarships entered by March 5.  Many colleges/departments work with Admissions to award these freshmen students. The remaining scholarships for continuing students need to be entered before July 1st so that they are included in the actual financial aid packages that are created and sent out in early July.

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