The New Employee Orientation (NEO) team in OHR developed the following tools and resources you can use to welcome your newest employee into the University community and help them become successful, productive members of your team: This web page provides you with links to these resources that you can download:

  1. *The Onboarding Toolkit for HR Professionals (pdf)*
     - this is a set of information and tools that will support HR
     professionals in setting up or expanding onboarding for their unit
     or department.
  2. *The Onboarding Toolkit for Managers (pdf)*
     - these pieces are meant to be used in conjunction with the
     Toolkit for HR Professionals. But if you are a manager who wants
     to learn more about improving your own onboarding processes, you
     can look here and talk with your HR professional as you look to
     make changes.
  3. *Onboarding Templates*
     - these documents can be modified to meet the unique needs of your
  4. *Strategic Positioning at the U*
     <> - this
     link will take you to information about the University's process
     of strategic positioning called "Transforming the U." This may
     help you help your new employee to understand how their job fits
     into the larger mission and the strategic goals of the U. It is
     that line-of-site that can help a new employee become a fully
     engaged, long term member of our working community.
  5. *The University Code of Conduct (pdf)*
     - this link will take you directly to the University's Code of
     Conduct. This umbrella policy reaches across the entire University
     to every employee and it is a good idea to be sure all new
     employees understand what it means for them.
  6. *Code of Conduct Video*
     <> - for those
     new employees not able to attend the Twin Cities NEO, this link
     will take your new employee to a video featuring President
     Bruininks that explains the University Code of Conduct and what it
     means for U employees.

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