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CLA NOW Meeting Agenda - Clarification

There was a misprint in the meeting agenda sent this afternoon.  Item #2 on the agenda should read:  CLA Audit - Ed Clark, Director, CLA OIT. 

Endowment Payout Projections for FY11

Each year we try to provide some guidance about projecting the upcoming year endowment payout. To that end, as a general rule for FY11 planning purposes, estimate 95% of the FY09 spendable payout/distribution amount for each endowment.

Endowment payout for both the UM Foundation and UM Treasury Accounting endowments is calculated by multiplying 4.5% by the average past 20 qtr endowment value. For units with many endowments, this is a time intensive task. Thus, the rule above will provide a reasonable payout projection. However, consideration should be paid to individual endowments with a lot of activity (including but not limited to large new gifts or disbursements) or that were recently created (during and since FY08).

Some background information: As a whole, endowment values decreased nearly 30% during FY08 and FY09 depending on the particular endowment. Endowment values gained during FY04-07 an average of 10% each year. Values have experienced modest increases during the first two quarters of FY10.

If you have further questions about endowment projections, contact your senior accountant on your financial service team. 

CLA NOW Forum - Google Apps

Thursday, March 18

9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

1210 Heller Hall

Access Google-powered apps from your University of Minnesota account!

Through a partnership with Google, University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff can access a suite of Google-powered communication and collaboration tools designed to enhance our ability to work together. The suite includes email, calendar, document sharing,
instant messaging, and website publishing tools.

Join Jamey Hansen and Karen Swoverland, from CLA-OIT, for a special discussion forum. Share your thoughts on and ask questions about the Google initiative.

RSVP today!

U of M Foundation Training

The U of M Foundation is offering a special training session for CLA staff.  This is your opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Foundation.  It will provide a "big picture" perspective along with the "nuts and bolts" of foundation endowment management.  The session is scheduled for Thursday, March 25th from 1:30-3:00.  It will be held at the McNamara Alumni Center, 5th Floor Board Room.  The senior accountants on the financial service teams will be attending.  Any interested administrators and center directors are also welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please contact Rose Pederson ( to let her know if you will be attending so that we know how many to expect.  Also, if you have questions in advance of the training, let Rose know so that your specific questions can be covered.

Faculty - 2010 Annual Submission Deadlines

Unit Merit Evaluation of Faculty (narrative report) - 12 March 2010
Submit unit merit evaluation on the projects-drive, in the "2009-2010" folder, labeled "Unit merit evaluation."

Annual Review of Chairs/Directors - 26 March 2010
Chairs/Directors materials include: self-evaluation, unit evaluation of Chair/Director, faculty activity reports, and curricula vitae.  Submit all documents electronically, on the "projects" drive as separate pdf files, in the "2009-2010" folder.  Please label each pdf file with the Chair's/Director's last name and appropriate descriptor (self eval, unit eval, FAR, CV).  Contact Gayle Gabrielski with questions.


March 11

CLA NOW Meeting, 9:00 a.m., Minnesota Population Center Seminar Room (50 Willey Hall - west bank)

March 12

Unit Merit Evaluation of Faculty (narrative report) due to CLA Office of Faculty.

March 18

CLA NOW Forum on Google Apps & Mail, 9:00 a.m., 1210 Heller Hall

March 26

Annual Review of Chairs/Directors due to CLA Office of Faculty

April 2

Motley Award Dossiers and 9 copies due in 113 Johnston Hall

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