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HRMS ACES received an email on June 14 stating that Graduate/Professional Assistants salary floors increased to $17.08 effective June 7, 2010, but other salary increases for Graduate/Professional Assistants for FY11 should be given in January 2011 with the rest of the academic increases.  Today the college received a message correcting the earlier statement.  Each college may decide whether to implement the new salary floors and merit increases on June 7 or in January 2011.

This email is a confirmation that the new CLA base pay rate for graduate assistants increased by 1% to $17.93/hour effective June 7, 2010 or at the beginning of their appointment start date thereafter.  All graduate assistants may either move up to the new base or receive up to a 1% salary increase for FY11, based on the unit's performance criteria established for graduate assistants.  Remaining funds from the 2% compensation pool will be used to cover the increased cost of graduate assistant's tuition benefits.  Graduate assistants are not subject to the temporary reduction in pay or the mandatory furlough days.

July CLA NOW Meeting


The July CLA NOW meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 8 beginning at 9:00 a.m. in 155 Nicholson Hall (east bank).

Voluntary Furlough Options



TO:          Chairs, Directors and Administrators


FROM:     Office of Associate Dean for Faculty

                CLA Fiscal Administration

                CLA Human Resources


DATE:       June 23, 2010


RE:           Summary Regarding Voluntary Furlough Options


Faculty, P&A staff, and CS/BU employees may request voluntary furlough days through their home departments.  Furlough days will be unpaid, must be taken in full day increments, and must be scheduled within the 2010/11 payroll year (June 7, 2010 through June 19, 2011).  Savings resulting from furlough days will remain within the unit.  The review process and decision to approve requests for voluntary furlough days resides in the unit.  The following is a summary of the process and procedures.




Ø  A Furlough Request Form (UM 1750) will be used to request voluntary furlough days and will capture the required approvals.

Ø  Requests for voluntary furloughs will be approved at the unit level, signed by the supervisor (on supervisor's signature line), and by the unit head/chair/director (on "other signature" line).

Ø  Supervisors will review requests for furlough days to ensure that each request falls within the guidelines of the program, and that there will be no disruption of classes, unit work needs, or other time-sensitive programs or functions of the unit and college.

Ø  Unit administrators will provide approved furlough request forms to the unit's fiscal team member, who will submit the approved forms to payroll for processing.  Copies of all approved forms must be retained in each employee's personnel file.

Ø  Unit administrators will send copies of approved furlough request forms to clahr@umn.edu to enable the college to track the overall impact of voluntary furloughs.


Information Links


Frequently Asked Questions



FY 11 Voluntary Furlough Request Form



Impact of Voluntary Furlough on Sponsored Funds


Communicating and Documenting Salaries

We all recognize that this year we face particular challenges in communicating compensation.   Please remember that the AHA forms, and the letters to faculty and P/A staff should reflect the annual base salary.  Calculating the TRP on the AHA or in the letters is not suggested.   Please remember that detailed information and useful tools are available for individuals on the website:

FY10 Final Instructional Funding Transfers

Final replacement teaching transfers have been processed on JE# 205126.  Final supplemental transfers will be processed by the end of the week.  The college will provide additional funding to cover the enterprise assessment (account 820201) prior to year end close.  Please note that these funds will be transferred to the main department program (20000) and will need to be moved to the instructional program.  Please clear any balances remaining on the instructional programs (20031) prior to year end close.

Updates for 2010/11 Promotion & Tenure Process

Effective 2010/11, candidates for tenure and/or promotion must follow a curriculum vitae template developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs in consultation with the colleges. The curriculum vitae template has been published to CLA's promotion and tenure web page for 2010/11. 

Mark Your Calendar

July 8

CLA NOW meeting, 9:00 a.m., NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: 155 Nicholson Hall (East Bank) 


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