Faculty Salary Letters - 2010/11

Attached is a template letter for use in communicating FY11 salary information to faculty, including base salaries, merit increases, and promotional and retention increases. The spreadsheet of approved faculty salaries for your unit for FY11 will be sent to you shortly by by Peggy Buckley in Fiscal Administration. 

Please use the template letter to convey salary information to faculty in your unit, updating the highlighted areas with the information specific to each faculty member and removing any information that does not apply. The June 8 email from Dean Parente and me concerning salary information for faculty and academic staff should be attached to the letters provided to your faculty.  The full copy of the June 8 communication is below and is available on the college website. http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/faculty/CLAFacultyP-ASalariesFY11.php

Please provide copies of the completed salary letters as pdf attachments to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, at clafclty@umn.edu.


FY11 Faculty Salary Letter 09JUN10.doc

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