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All Google, All The Time

CLA's migration to Google is less than two weeks away. This week, CLA units will hear from CLA-OIT's Sarah Knoblauch to schedule the Migration + Orientation sessions. Details about the Migration + Orientation sessions will be shared at the CLA NOW meeting on Thursday.

Leading Effective Meetings Training Session

Leading Effective Meetings
Training session with Corey Bonnema from Organizational Effectiveness
Wednesday, July 21 9 a.m. - noon
Room 50 Willey Hall

As an employee or manager, you probably spend a lot of time in meetings.  How can you make the most of that time? This session will look at planning and facilitation techniques to ensure your meetings are productive. We'll be using a John Cleese video called, "Meetings, Bloody Meetings"  to have some fun while also learning how meetings can be improved. Participants who attend this session will:

-  Understand the importance of ground rules and learn different methods for creating them
-  Learn how to plan and effectively facilitate meetings
-  Learn why an agenda is such a valuable tool to use in meetings
-  Discuss roles and strategies for productive participation and learn how to deal with common problems that occur in meetings.

This training is open to anyone in CLA and is free of charge. Email Kelly O'Brien at obrie136@umn.edu to register.

Revision to Language Proficiency Requirements and Test

If you are involved in the hiring of teaching assistants and student instructors in your unit, please be informed of recent revisions to the policy "Language Proficiency Requirements for Teaching Assistants" which, since 1984, has required spoken English testing for graduate student teaching assistants who are not native speakers of English.

The changes, summarized below, will likely require modifications to departmental websites, as well as to offer letters and assignments of teaching assistantships to students whose home language growing up was not English.

The main policy changes are:

1. Undergraduate students who are not native English speakers and wish to hold teaching assistantships will also be required to be tested for spoken English proficiency.

2. Initial eligibility for teaching assistantships will be determined by the speaking subscore of the ibTOEFL. (See attached flowchart.) Those without an ibTOEFL score will take the campus-based Spoken English Test for Teaching Assistants (SETTA). Please note that, as always, the English testing requirement for TA positions does pertain even to those who are not required to take the TOEFL for admission.

3. The SPEAK Test has been decommissioned and replaced by the Spoken English Test for Teaching Assistants (SETTA). Because the SETTA can only be taken once a year, please ensure that new students take this test upon arrival to campus. This will enable them to take required International TA Program courses if they don't pass the SETTA.

Current students with English Language Proficiency (ELP) ratings lower than "1" need to take GRAD 5102 or GRAD 5105 to receive TA positions. (See eligibility table <cid:part1.09000500.03040108@umn.edu>) Alternatively, they may take the SETTA 12 months after their last SPEAK test or completion of the GRAD 5102/5105 course.

For exceptions to the 12-month waiting period or more information, contact Jeff Lindgren at 612.625.3070 or send an email to lindg027@umn.edu <mailto:lindg027@umn.edu>.

U of M English Language Proficiency Policy:
http://policy.umn.edu/Policies/hr/Performance/LANGUAGE.html <cid:part2.08010000.04000809@umn.edu>

More about Spoken English Testing & TA Eligibility:
<cid:part1.09000500.03040108@umn.edu>http://www.umn.edu/ohr/teachlearn/graduate/itap/settaeligibility/index.html <cid:part1.09000500.03040108@umn.edu>

ELP Flowchart.pdf

Mark Your Calendar

July 7 - 9

INTERSECTIONS down for system maintenance

July 8

CLA NOW meeting, 9:00 a.m., NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: 155 Nicholson Hall (East Bank)   

July 15

New Chairs Orientation, 202 Johnston Hall

July 21

Leading Effective Meetings Training Session, 9:00 a.m. - noon, 50 Willey Hall.  NOTE:  Pre-Registration Required)

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