Mandatory Furlough for Civil Service and Bargaining Unit employees

Below is information regarding the three day mandatory furlough for CS/BU employees.

The University has reached agreement with all of its union groups, with the exception of Law Enforcement Labor Services (LELS), regarding the three day mandatory furloughs for Fiscal Year 2011.   The agreements, including those with all 3 three AFSCME Units, and the Teamsters, contained the following information (note that  these terms also apply to Civil Service employees):

o    Civil Service and Bargaining Unit (CSBU) employees are required to take a mandatory, unpaid, three-day (twenty-four hour) furlough during the holiday closing period between the Christmas and New Year holidays.  The dates are December 28, 29,& 30.  Part-time employees with a designated percentage appointment will be furloughed for three days at their percentage of pay.  Please see the Economy and U link below for dates University campuses will be closed over the holidays.   

o   CS/BU employees will see a 3 day (24 hour) reduction in pay on the check received January 12, 2011. Individuals working less than 40 hours/week will have a prorated Furlough.  Individuals who work a flex schedule (e.g. 4 - 10 hour days) should normalize their schedule for the week (1 day  = standard hours / 5). 

 o    Employees may volunteer for an additional seven days (56 hours) of unpaid voluntary furloughs.  Employees will need to complete Furlough Request Form (UM1750) and work with their supervisor to schedule the voluntary furloughs.

 o   Furlough days will not impact an employee's vacation, sick leave, and seniority accrual. Progression on the vacation accrual schedule will not be impacted by furlough days.  The furlough days also will not impact service credit hours for purposes of determining eligibility for leave of absences including FMLA and parental leave.

 o   Insurance coverage and eligibility for holiday pay shall not be impacted by furlough days.

 o   Furlough days will not be included in the calculation of grievance timelines.

 Instructions regarding the implementation of furlough days in the payroll system were sent to the fiscal personnel.  For the most part, the mandatory furlough implementation within the payroll system will happen centrally. If you have any questions that are not answered on the websites regarding mandatory or voluntary furlough, please contact your CLA Human Resources Consultant.


·         Economy and U Website: ohr/ economyandu/qanda/index.html

·         Furlough Request Form: @hr/documents/form/um1750p.pdf

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