Human Resources at the U: An Orientation

The University Office of Human Resources is pleased to again offer the program, "Human Resources at the University of Minnesota: An Orientation" on Friday, October 1.  CLA's human resources recommends that department administrators or other staff responsible for the department human resources liaison role consider enrolling in this program offered once per year.  An enrollment form is attached.  As you consider professional development opportunities for staff in your department, we have attached a list of recommended trainings for CLA department administrators.  The HR orientation is one of the recommended programs on this list.  Fees for training are to be paid by the department.

This program is primarily targeted to the following groups of people:

1. New employees assuming HR responsibilities here;

2. Current University employees moving into HR roles or taking on more of the human resource responsibilities;

3. Current University employees who have an interest in assuming an HR role in the future;

4. Current or new employees within central offices that regularly interface with human resources (e.g., Disability Services and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action);

5. Administrators/managers who have more broad-based human resource responsibilities and/or interface with central HR or their unit's HR department on a very regular basis.

6.  Employee in HR and who are interested in a refresher course.

All employees with interest are welcome, as space allows. Those individuals new to the University or new to HR roles/responsibilities will have priority.


In summary, this program is designed to assist primarily Human Resource (HR) professionals new to the University or new to HR roles/responsibilities and those that regularly interface with Human Resources in better understanding the context in which HR work is accomplished.  The program is planned to provide a broad awareness of key resources, roles, policies and practices as well as current directions and issues.  A major benefit to the participant will be a general overview, as well as direction on where to seek out information and people resources that can facilitate the accomplishment of HR work.  Overall, the goal of this program is to better prepare and support HR staff and others in carrying out human resource functions at the University.


Because participants have varying levels of HR knowledge as well as University experience, this program is designed to be an overview, with emphasis on providing a good deal of basic information highlighting an extensive array of resources and supporting materials.

Registration form is attached.




DATE/TIME: Friday October 1, 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


LOCATION: 210/215 Donhowe Building.


FEE: $65.00 registration fee.  An EFS/PeopleSoft account string will be required to register.



·         Introduction to Human Resources at the University

·         Institutional Performance and HR Metrics Indicators for Improvement

·         HR Challenges within the Current Environment

·         Employee Groups at the University

·         OHR Resources

·         Relationship of HR and Finance

·         University System Office Resources (Equity and Diversity, EOAA, Conflict Resolution, and General Counsel)

·         Breakout Sessions on Selected Topics (2 sessions scheduled)

·         HR Roles and Responsibilities


HR Orientation Registration Form.docx

department administrator training recommendations.doc

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