CLA University Closure Information and Planning Form

Attached is additional information regarding the closure, as well as a template form for supervisors to use in working with P/A employees as they plan accordingly for this period.  As mentioned in the last CLA NOW meeting, these are mature drafts.  If there is a significant error or missing piece, please contact Margaret Yzaguirre ( or Scott Elton ( as soon as possible.  Also, please remember that if a supervisor believes he/she will need a CS/BU employee to work any of the mandatory furlough days, that request must come to the college for approval.  The Furlough Request Form (um1750) found at:, should be submitted to CLA HR by November 22, 2010. Please forward this information to all supervisors in your unit. Thank you.

U Closure revised tool 2010 for 102710.pdf

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