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Over the past few semesters several units have submitted requests to CLA HR to hire non-exempt employees into exempt teaching appointments. Due to federally mandated regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), these requests are quite complex and must be handled with care. It's important to note that according to FLSA, if an employee's primary appointment is non-exempt all duties performed by that individual will be treated as non-exempt. That being said, overtime rates will apply to hours worked in excess of forty in any given workweek. CLA strongly discourages this practice due to costs associated with these appointments which include staff time, overtime payout and the potential of exposure to FLSA violations. However, we recognize that some rare exceptions may need to be considered. Please contact your Personnel Specialist, Tihara Chadwick at 4-0098 or Millie Reid at 6-7648 should this need arise.


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