The Computer Replacement Program (CRP) will begin the week of December 13 with some significant changes:

  • No fall/spring purchasing rounds. Departments can replace an eligible computer as necessary, or desired.
  • Printed Budget (PB) computers (for faculty or staff on the college's recurring O&M budget) are eligible for replacement when they reach 3 years. They expire at 4 years and must be returned to CLA-OIT. In effect, departments will have a full year to decide when to purchase a PB replacement.
  • Computers older than 3 years that break will be replaced--not repaired.
  • CLA-OIT will provide each department with monthly reports on what is eligible for replacement and what will soon reach the end of its operational life. Our first report, focusing on PB computers, will be sent to departmental administrators and technicians the week of December 13.

Additional details regarding the "Teaching Staff" and "Grad Student" computer programs will be available soon.

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