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Information on Upcoming Annual Reviews

Attached are the slides that were presented at the January 2011 CLA NOW meeting.  Please make certain that supervisors of non CS/BU employees are aware of this information and their responsibilities for the annual reviews.  P/A reviews are due to the college by February 25th.  If you have any questions, please contact your HR Consultant (Wendy Lane, 5-8484; Margaret Yzaguirre, 6-9352).

PA Annual Review from CLA NOW Mtg Jan12.ppt

Educational Technology Workshop

The Educational Technology Workshop (ETW) is a six-week certificate program that explores Web 2.0 tools and pedagogies. We'll explore methods for researching, sharing, collaborating, annotating, and establishing social presence using blogs, wikis, reference managers, podcasts, annotation tools, and more.  A partnership between the Office of Information Technology and the University Libraries, the ETW will blend instructor presentations with collaborative problem solving.  The ETW is open to faculty, staff, and graduate students on all University of Minnesota campuses.

 The advent of a rapidly expanding set of Web 2.0 tools challenges us to understand each new application's potential for enhancing learning and research.  Many of these tools are designed for interactions in a group setting, so the ETW presents us with an opportunity to explore them together.  Participants will have a chance to interact with the tools in a group setting and discuss what opportunities and challenges each presents.

In spring 2011 the ETW will meet each Wednesday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon over six weeks, February 2 - March 9. We ask that if you enroll in the workshop, you participate in all sessions. You can attend in person at 210 Walter Library, or by a virtual connection from a remote location, including coordinate campuses. (The number of virtual participation "seats" is limited, and first consideration will go to those from coordinate campuses.)  We recommend that people on the Minneapolis campus participate in person. Most of the work will occur during the workshop, though participants will be encouraged to continue their explorations between sessions. Note that those participating virtually are also asked to participate in an approximately half-hour preparation session on January 26. More details will be provided when registration is complete.


●     to experience a suite of centrally-supported and freely-available cloud-based tools that can support teaching and learning

●     to develop a flexible method for exploring and evaluating the utility of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning environments and become aware of University policy issues and support structures

●     to master an effective process for designing technology-rich learning activities that includes planning, engagement, and evaluation.

 Please join us this semester. Register by January 24 at http://z.umn.edu/etws2011

 For more information, call Paul at 612-625-3590 or email baepl001@umn.edu.

The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) offers educational opportunities for individuals, departments, colleges, and units.  It has posted its training calendar for Spring 2011.  Workshops focus on a wide range of equity and diversity issues in higher education. For more information and to register, go to:  

http://www.academic.umn.edu/equity/education/calendar.html and to http://www.eoaffact.umn.edu/services/training.html for new EOAA Workshops.

Spring 2011 workshops:   

  • Resolving Conflict Across Cultures - Jan 25
  • Discipline vs. Discrimination - Jan 27
  • GLBT Ally Training I:  Mpls Campus - Feb 17
  • Equity and Diversity in the Search Process - Feb 22
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention: General Introduction - Mar 8
  • Religious Accommodation at the U of M - Mar 15
  • (Bi)Sexuality 101 - Mar 23
  • Appreciating Differences - Apr 5
  • Addressing Bullying Behavior in the Workplace - Apr 14 (NEW EOAA WORKSHOP)
  • GLBT Ally Training II: Mpls Campus - Apr 19
  • Developing Intercultural Skills & Competency (Using the IDI) - Apr 28
  • Help, I'm Being Discriminated Against - May 5 (NEW EOAA WORKSHOP)
  • Resolving Conflict Across Cultures - May 24

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