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Next CLA NOW Meeting, Thurs 3/24/11 (updated 3/16)

CLA NOW Meeting on 3/24, 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM, Science Teaching Student Services, Room 220

(Updated 3/16/11)

The next CLA NOW meeting is Thursday, 3/24/11 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM in the Science Teaching Student Services, Room 220 Map.

Retirement Incentive Option (RIO)

RIO Program Enrollment Deadline; Voluntary Options; Three Levels of Approvals

As announced in mid February, the Board of Regents approved the Retirement Incentive Options (RIO) for all eligible faculty and staff.  Detailed information can be found on the RIO section of the University of Minnesota OHR Benefits website.

The deadline to enroll in the program is May 15, 2011, with a retirement date of no later than January 11, 2012.  This RIO program requires the unit to pay the lump-sum amount to the Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP). The college has discussed this matter and would like to communicate the following information:   

The College will pay the lump-sum amounts to the HCSP regardless of the funding source of the eligible position.

The hiring pause is still in effect, and the college will work with the unit to determine if the retirement can provide an opportunity for rethinking the work and structure that will realize cost savings.

Authorization for faculty searches will continue to follow the same protocol.

The college intends to offer the voluntary options for CLA faculty and staff this spring in a manner similar to last year.  We will incorporate the RIO program as another option.  Please note that each option has very specific criteria and conditions tied to its participation. 

There are three levels of approvals; supervisor/chair/director, Dean, and central.  Forms should be sent to HR (212 Johnston Hall) for shepherding the Dean and central approvals.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Consultant, Wendy Lane (5-8484; or Margaret Yzaguirre (6-9352;

Thank you,
Jennifer Cieslak and Karen Dewanz

FY12 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Batch Entering; March 11 Deadline for Freshman Scholarship Entering; Federal Regulations and IRS Rules on Payments to Students

The Office of Student Finance reminds us that colleges/departments should now be entering freshman scholarship batches for 2011-2012.  Friday, March 11th is the deadline to have all incoming freshman scholarships entered in order to ensure they are included on the Estimated Financial Aid Award Notice (EFAAN) for Fall/Spring 2011-2012.

If you wish, you may also begin entering Fall/Spring 2011-2012 scholarships for continuing students.

The Academic Support Resources website has helpful information about the federal regulations and IRS rules that cover cover payments to students: Anyone who administers scholarships or enters scholarships into the online system should know this information.

2011 May/Summer Session

2011 May Instructional Appointments, Compensation, and Funding Information

CLA 2011 May/Summer session instructional appointments, compensation, and funding information was sent to all CLA Chairs/directors, CLA Administrators, and CLA Accountants on Monday, March 7th.  The materials are also available on the CLA Fiscal website, under Instructional Funding-May/Summer Term documents.

Intersections Updates

Job Offers; Email Notification; Resubmit for Accountant Review, Withdraw, or Delete; Shorter Account Strings; Filtering Non-match Account Strings

Job offers that have been "Rejected to Department" will now stay in your email notifications (every night) until you re-submit the job offer to Accountant Review, Withdraw it or Delete it.

While drafting a new job offer, your list of account strings will be shorter. We now filter out account strings that don't match your hiring department or job code.

Questions? Contact Scott Appelwick at or call 612-625-7790.

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