The RECESS (Reduce Costs Through Employee Salary Savings) program is in effect for another year (11-12) for faculty, professional and administrative, and civil service employees.  Existing RECESS agreements must be renewed for the new fiscal year if you wish them to continue. Reductions need not be for the entire fiscal year.  Reductions must begin the first day of a pay period and end on the final day of a pay period.  RECESS requires approval by the employee's supervisor, CLA-HR and the Vice President for Human Resources.

A summary document about RECESS is available on the CLA-HR website.

We have updated the last two points in the summary section called, "Savings" as below:


  • For savings related to faculty, the savings would revert to the college.
  • For savings related to non-instructional staff, savings stay in the department.
  • For P and A instructional staff the funds can be used for other instructional purposes.
  • Reminder: there would be no replacement teaching because the courses cannot be replaced.

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