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**Academic Pay Plan for 2011-12**

Attached is the 2011-12 Academic Pay Plan.

This information should be available on the Human Resources web site next week at:

Thank you, CLA Human Resources

Faculty and Human Resources:

Dear Colleagues,

It's that time of year again!  There's been a significant increase in
the workload for the HR/Faculty Team as the end of the academic year
approaches.  We will be triaging and prioritizing work to the best of
our abilities.  Our response time may be delayed due to the increased
volume and our need to address time-sensitive matters.

Thanks for your understanding,
Jennifer Cieslak and Richa Nagar

Additional HR News..

An additional reminder to review the document: Changes to Current Hiring Processes.docx

Google Training

CLA Fiscal Administration Organization Chart

  • For your reference we have attached the updated CLA Fiscal Administration Organization Chart.
Fiscal org chart 5.01.2011.docx

  • Did you ever wonder who to contact via email in CLA Fiscal?  We hope by adding a new department email, we have removed any concern.  Going forward you will see this department email referenced in the budget planning documents and see CLAFISCL emails in your email inbox. Be assured this department email is checked throughout the day and routed to the appropriate person within CLA Fiscal.  Any questions?  Please contact Mary Beth Kluesner at 4-4153.

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