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Chief Information Officer Transition

CLA's Chief Information Officer Ed Clark left the the College of Liberal Arts on June 10 for a position as Vice President and CIO at Minnesota State University, Mankato. We congratulate him on this new opportunity and thank him for his 17 years serving CLA.

In the interim Gary Oehlert, Associate Dean for Planning, will assume oversight responsibilities for CLA-OIT, and the interim leadership for CLA-OIT will report to him. Dean Parente has asked Gary to explore and implement a thoughtful transition and interim plan for leadership in CLA-OIT. Gary will also lead the development of our permanent CLA-OIT leadership plan.

The college anticipates authorizing a national search for a new CIO/director of CLA-OIT later this year. Placing oversight for CLA-OIT into the portfolio of the Associate Dean for Planning provides important opportunities for alignment given the numerous transitions underway at the University: the impending arrival of President-designate Kaler, the departure of University VP and CIO Steve Cawley, implementation of the recent IT audit requirements, and the planning processes underway in the college, including long-range unit planning, and continued progress towards implementation of the CLA 2015 vision.

Missing Artwork" rented by CLA from Weisman Art Museum

Call to Action!

We have been notified by Weisman Art Museum rental office that we are on record of having a piece of artwork rented to us, which should be returned.

However:  We don't know where it is!  It it missing!
The title of the missing artwork is "Water Lilies by Senso Saun

Here is a link to a similar piece of art from the same artist. (When looking at it imagine water lilies instead of red lilies.)


With all the moves within the past few years, it could very well likely be located somewhere!  Look on your walls (obvious, yet a good first step), closets, behind filing cabinets, and storage areas (if applicable).

Please contact clafiscl@umn.edu if you have found it!  Thank you!

Information Tidbits:

Have you ever wondered what policy or Benefit changes are on the horizon?  Here are some quick links to answer your questions.

Website for benefits changes:


Website about policy changes:  


REMINDER: CLA Fiscal Year End 2011 Deadlines

We have received the Fiscal Year End Memo for 2011. The memo can be found at: http://controller.umn.edu/fye/

We encourage you to read the entire year end memo.  Below are highlighted some key areas from this memo that need your attention along with deadlines specific to CLA in order for the financial services team to meet Central's deadlines.

Upcoming Key Dates:

PO Vouchers                                             CLA Deadline is June 10

Non-PO Vouchers                                     CLA Deadline is June 17

Employee Expenses                                  CLA Deadline is June 17

P-Card Reconciliation                                CLA Deadline is July 1

Link here:CLA Fiscal Year End Deadlines 2011.rev.doc


An Announcement from the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and
Graduate Programs and CLA Fiscal Administration:

The GradTracker project is creating a more efficient tool for
recording, tracking, summarizing and reporting of graduate student
progress from admission/matriculation to placement.

This month the first module of Intersections: GradTracker, Financial
Commitments, goes live.

The financial commitments module records future commitments for
graduate students including employment, UMN fellowships, external
fellowships and additional student support (i.e. travel and research

The expectation is that departments will be expected to use
GradTracker in Intersectinos to record all of the financial
commitments for their graduate students beginning this summer. We
invite you to join us for training sessions beginning June 21. We
would like one person per department to attend, but anyone who may use
the program is invited.

We have scheduled four training sessions (more will be added as needed):

June 21, 10-11:30 AM Ford B53

June 22, 2-3:30 PM, Anderson 150

June 23, 2-3:30 PM, Ford B53

June 24, 10-11:30 AM Anderson 150

Please sign up at: http://z.umn.edu/gradtrackertaining. Bring offer
letters and/or funding documentation for a few current and future
(Fall) students to the session. During the training session we will be
attempting to enter complete funding packages for one or two students
in your department.

Departments will be expected to have entry of all future funding
commitments (Fall 2011 forward) completed by September 15.

If you have questions about the GradTracker tool or its use, please
contact Wendy Friedmeyer at fried053@umn.edu or 612-624-9815
Effective May 31, 2011, Jo-Ida Hansen's tenure as Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research has ended. During the interim, prior to the appointment of a new associate dean for research, Gary Oehlert, Associate Dean for Planning, will provide CLA collegiate approval on all PRFs. Please add him to the your routing chain as you prepare to submit proposals to the the Office of Sponsored Projects.

CLA Proposal Routing Procedures
The PRF requires electronic signatures from the following, in order:
1.    Principal investigator's department chair and department chairs of any other key CLA personnel (e.g. co-PIs) on the project
2.    If key personnel outside of CLA are included in the proposal, the authorizing agent from their colleges or centers
3.    Gayle Anderson (ander104), Grants Management Coordinator - CLA Fiscal Administration. Gayle will review the proposal (see CLA Review Concerns) and if it is satisfactory, will forward it to the next level.
4.    Gary Oehlert, CLA Associate Dean for Planning - whose signature authorizes final CLA approval.


It is time to be entering scholarships for the 2011-2012 aid year.  In order to ensure that your scholarships are included in students' initial financial aid award notice, scholarship batches must be entered by June 30th.

Click here for a copy of Best Practices for Awarding Scholarships at U of M_6 1 2011.docx  the Office of Student Finance has created to help outline some basic guidelines for processing scholarships.  They hope these guidelines will help us better serve students while remaining in compliance with federal financial aid rules.  

If you have any questions please contact the OSF Scholarship Unit at saosf@umn.edu.

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