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Interim Information Technology Director Appointment

Jamey Hansen has been appointed Interim Information Technology Director effective July 5, 2011.

Jamey will manage the CLA Office of Information Technology, a department of approximately 100 employees who serve the IT needs of faculty, staff, and students across the college, and he will report to Associate Dean for Planning Gary Oehlert.

Jamey will serve as the leader, manager and advocate for information technology within the college, and IT representative of the college within and outside of the University. Jamey started in CLA in January 2005 as the Coordinator of Administrative Computing, and was promoted in July 2006 to Director of Info Tech Services.

Forum: Enterprise-wide Survey Software

If you or anyone in your units use surveys for research or administrative purposes, please attend a one-hour open forum on either June 23 or June 29.

The forums will kick off the work of the Enterprise-wide Survey Software Evaluation Committee, a team that is taking a close look at the tools used for more than 2,000 surveys conducted each year in classrooms, labs, and offices across the University of Minnesota system.

Our current ad hoc survey landscape does not promote best practices in survey research or allow for meaningful collaborations between units. Units may be conducting similar surveys for the same populations, leading to survey fatigue and poor response rates. External survey tools pose significant costs systemwide as well as practical, ethical, and legal issues for institutional and research security, IRB compliance, and data privacy.

The Enterprise-wide Survey Software Evaluation Committee is an effort by the Office of Planning and Analysis and Office of Information Technology to identify a state-of-the-art survey solution to meet needs across the University system--and to make this tool broadly available by early 2012.

To be successful, the 10-person project committee needs input from faculty, staff, and students who are involved in survey research at any level. If you use surveys for any reason, let us know what features, functions, and technical capacities you're looking for in an enterprise-wide survey tool.

Please contribute to this crucial conversation by attending an open forum on either Thursday, June 23 (1-2 p.m., Science Teaching and Student Services Building 114, East/West Bank) or Wednesday, June 29 (11 a.m.-12 noon, Biological Sciences Center 64, St. Paul).

You can also visit our project website to provide input or to request an info session for your unit, department, or campus. Comments may also be sent to the committee chair, Christina Frazier.

Please forward this message as appropriate within your units. Thank you for your participation in this vitally important process.

CLA-OIT Launches New Website

The new CLA-OIT website was written as a catalog of our services and designed with the customer in mind. Services offered are described in detail so that you know what we offer and who has access to the services we provide. It's your one stop shop for all things technology-related. Browse our offerings and learn about our services -- you might be surprised to find something new that you didn't know we offer! CLA-OIT website: claoit.umn.edu

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