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For those staff members within Johnston and for those attending meetings starting June 30-July 8th, occupants may  experience some inconvenience in Johnston over the next week or so - Intermittent water shut downs, but most importantly our elevator is going to be down for about a week starting tomorrow (Thu), June 30. It was felt that the 4th of July week would be one of the slowest of the summer and best to deal with this inconvenience.

Please keep this in mind when scheduling appointments and ordering supplies. I don't yet know what the accommodations procedure referenced below amounts to, but please let me know if have any immediate concerns related to orientation or other planned activities. Keep your fingers crossed that this will take less time than planned!

Payroll & Intersections Hiring Reminders

Grad Student 9561 and 9562 Appointments: 

If the funding source for these appointments is paying for Graduate Insurance coverage, please select Grad/Prof Student Position in the Employee Class area in the "Appointment Details" section. 

If the funding source will not pay for Graduate Insurance coverage, please select Student Insurance Eligible.

Thank you!

Intersections: GradTracker Training

Intersections: GradTracker training will continue on a one-on-one or small group basis as needed. Contact Wendy Friedmeyer (fried053@umn.edu, 4-9815) to schedule training, request access or if you have any questions.

As soon as you have completed training you may begin entering future financial commitments for your students. Note that the deadline for entry of all graduate student commitments is September 15, 2011.

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