Change in Proposal Routing Form (PRF) approvals for CLA grant proposal submissions:

Effective May 31, 2011, Jo-Ida Hansen's tenure as Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research has ended. During the interim, prior to the appointment of a new associate dean for research, Gary Oehlert, Associate Dean for Planning, will provide CLA collegiate approval on all PRFs. Please add him to the your routing chain as you prepare to submit proposals to the the Office of Sponsored Projects.

CLA Proposal Routing Procedures
The PRF requires electronic signatures from the following, in order:
1.    Principal investigator's department chair and department chairs of any other key CLA personnel (e.g. co-PIs) on the project
2.    If key personnel outside of CLA are included in the proposal, the authorizing agent from their colleges or centers
3.    Gayle Anderson (ander104), Grants Management Coordinator - CLA Fiscal Administration. Gayle will review the proposal (see CLA Review Concerns) and if it is satisfactory, will forward it to the next level.
4.    Gary Oehlert, CLA Associate Dean for Planning - whose signature authorizes final CLA approval.

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