This message is forwarded from the U Card Office director.  The message below is included as an attachment.  The fees were reviewed once more by central administration, resulting in some changes.**

To:  Members of the University Community

Subject:  Update-U Card Fee for 1st Card

Since the recent notification of a U Card fee for first U cards being scheduled for implementation on June 1st, 2011, your concerns regarding the card fees have been brought to my attention.  Responses received have been appreciated and forwarded for review by Central Administration.   As a result, the University leadership has revised the U Card fee structure for FY12 as follows:

    The $10 fee for first issued cards to students, staff and faculty has been put on hold at this time.  First time issued cards will continue to be provided at no charge.
    Replacement fees for U Cards will increase to $25, effective second quarter, fiscal year 2012.  Coordinate campuses (Morris, Duluth, Crookston and Rochester) will most likely adopt a similar replacement card fee effective second quarter, fiscal year 2012.  Confirmation from the campuses is pending.
    Replacement card fees must be covered by the individual card holder and not their department.
    Cards damaged due to product failure are always replaced at no charge to the card holder.  To learn more about card product failure and what card holders should do when this occurs, visit the U Card web site:  www.umn.edu/ucard
    Sponsored account cards can still be purchased by departments.  Sponsored accounts are defined as U Cards issued to faculty and staff such as visiting scholars, project based employees, and adjunct faculty.  More information about these sponsored accounts can be found on the U Card web site: www.umn.edu/ucard

The U Card Office will provide updates as new developments or direction are received.  We will continue to provide you state of the art technology as the card system and program continue to expand.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Cathy Morrison, Director

U Card Office


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