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The University's Office of the VP of Research has created a website providing guidance on the state shutdown for Sponsored Projects.  This website is found at: http://www.ospa.umn.edu/StateShutdown.html.

To alleviate any short-term issues that may arise in conjunction with the government shut-down, the Office of Human Resources created a new Leave of Absence option for affected employees as described below.

FROM: Joe Kelly, Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice President for Human Resources

RE: State Shutdown - New LOA Option

 As you know, University Administration is trying to minimize any disruption that might be caused by the impending state shutdown. As there are some units that are funded by state grants or contracts that may be suspended as of July 1, we want to provide those units with a tool to help ease the budgetary pressure.

 OHR has developed a special offering expressly to assist units directly affected by the state shutdown. The University has an "Optional Leave of Absence and Voluntary Reduction of Appointment," clause included in the AFSCME bargaining agreements under the "Alternatives to Layoff" Memorandum. This program essentially expands this option to all employee groups, while also limiting the availability to those places directly affected by the lack of funding resulting from the state shutdown.

 Further explanation and the request form are attached as well as available at the following location in the Manager's Toolkit on the OHR web site:

Request form:


Q & A: 


If you have units that are contemplating layoffs or non-renewals due to the lack of funding from a state entity, please encourage them to utilize the voluntary furlough, RECESS Program, and this limited Voluntary Leave of Absence with their employees as a way to ease budgetary pressure and avoid the much more disruptive impacts of other options.

If you need further explanation or have specific questions, please contact your OHR consultant for assistance.

New Procurement Specialist for CLA

Andrea Miller recently accepted the position of Payroll and Procurement Specialist (EAS) that was vacated by Megan Weyenberg.  Although Andrea is new to this role, she is not new to CLA.  She has worked for the past three years on our East Bank One team as one of our Payroll and Vendor Specialists (EAS) .  Andrea is now located in 510 Rarig Center and can be reached at mill4737@umn.edu or 612-624-6616.  Please join us in congratulating Andrea in her new role.

CLA NOW Special Forum

CLA NOW Special Forum
Date: July 14th, 2011
Time: 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Location: 231 Smith Hall
Topic: Data Practices Act and records retention with presenter Susan McKinney from the Office of the General Counsel.

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