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Beginning in the new fiscal year, the entire group of people in the Requester and Receiver
role will have access to receive on "Rolled Purchase Orders".  

Those are the POs that have rolled over from the previous fiscal year.  As long as they created the original requisition and the item is not a capital asset, they will be able to receive these POs. 

The Procurement Specialist will still need to be contacted to receive the capital assets.  

No ARF is needed for this change and access will be automatically granted.  

However, a short on-line training video is mandatory for Requesters and Receivers to review by September 1, 2011.  

Please note failure to complete this training will impact access.  

Please review the following attachments (memo and job aid) for further information about this change.
Receiving on Rolled POs_to Requesters.doc

Receiving Rolled POs Job Aid.pdf

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