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Scholarship Entry

The first financial aid disbursement for undergraduates for Fall 2011 is scheduled for Monday, August 29th. If you have any scholarships that have not yet been entered, please get them processed as soon as possible.

Fall Appointments - Payroll Office Reminder

Fall Appointments - Payroll Office Reminder

In an effort to set a payroll deadline that is achievable for most departments, the deadline for fall appointments to be received in the CLA payroll office is 8/24/11. This is the date that your appointment will be guaranteed to be entered in time. Every effort will be made to enter appointments received after this deadline but there can be no guarantees. Keep in mind that your service team will need additional time to get appointment documents prepared and over to the Payroll office so please coordinate this work with your service team.
If you have your fall appointments ready, please do not wait to send them over. We have begun entering fall documents. Please submit offers and payroll information to your team as soon as offers have been confirmed and avoid waiting until the last minute if at all possible.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Temporary Clerical Services Contract Award

A Message from Joe Kelly, Chief of Staff, Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) has decided to broaden the approach to temporary staffing at the University and is pleased to announce the award of the temporary clerical services contract to two vendors, Adecco Employment Services and Kelly Services. These two vendors were selected through the University's competitive bid process, as we determined that both vendors closely met the needs of the University based on service delivery, cost, and a commitment to the University's targeted business initiative.
The goal of this bidding process was to enhance the options available to units for accessing temporary services, as well as to ensure competitive pricing, high quality placements, and a commitment to service. By awarding the contract to more than one vendor, we hope to minimize the use of services outside of this temporary services contract. We have a strong and established relationship with Adecco, and we are confident that we can build an equally beneficial partnership with Kelly Services, who will bring a new, fresh perspective to temporary staffing at the University.
We are in the process of implementing the new contract, and will be updating the OHR Manager's toolkit hiring web pages to reflect the contact information for the two vendors. We are confident that the new dual-vendor approach will be an effective solution in meeting your temporary clerical staffing needs.  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Negrini at (612) 624-4142 or by email at

Job Guarantee Program/Job Fair for Freshman

Attached is a detailed memo about the Freshman Job Guarantee Program and Job Fair.  Departments are asked to participate in a Job Fair with the opportunity to interview and or hire students on-the-spot using the Quick Hire Form. The Freshmen Job Guarantee Fair will be held on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 in the Mississippi Room at Coffman Union.

If your department is interested in participating in this program, please email or call Lolita Davis Carter, at or 612-626-2218 in the central Office of Human Resources to reserve a space. She would like to confirm department participation in the next two weeks.

HR Pro FJG letter

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