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Hold that Date!

FSUN is doing something different this fall. Instead of one large general membership meeting, we are offering the same content at two smaller venues - one in Duluth and one in the Twin Cities. UMConnect will be available for the Twin Cities presentation.

October 18, 2011, Griggs Center in Duluth

November 3, 2011, Mississippi Room, CMU, Twin Cities

Since the Twin Cities event will be in a smaller venue, registration will be required.

The Board is working to lock in an agenda for these half-day sessions. Keep your eyes on the FSUN website for more information coming soon: http://www.finsys.umn.edu/fsun/fsun_home.htm

We will update news on the agenda and registration procedures as we get closer to the dates. As always, we look forward to addressing topics of interest to those of us working with the financial system.


Sponsored Financial Reporting Open House

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
1:00 - 3:00PM
AI Johnson Room - McNamara Alumni Center
Snacks & Beverages Provided

You are cordially invited to an Open House hosted by Sponsored Financial Reporting (SFR). This will provide you the opportunity to meet the staff in SFR and experience a select number of our internal processes. A few of the topics that will be covered at the various stations:
  • Program Income
  • Clinical Trials
  • Standardization of Invoicing/Reporting Worksheets
  • Award Closeout
  • Sponsored Accounts Receivable
  • "A Day in the Life"
Please contact Marjorie Nebo at nebox001@umn.edu or 612-624-6026 with any questions.


Revised Travel Policy

The revised Administrative Policy: Traveling on University Business is now available in the Policy Library. Some of the changes to the policy include an extended time frame for submitting travel expenses, a new formula for reimbursement for partial day travel, and an alignment of the international allowable lodging rate with the current domestic lodging rate. Departments are encouraged to use sound judgment when it comes to applying the new policy for travel that was planned prior to, but taken after the new policy has gone into effect. For questions regarding the new policy please contact Beth Tapp in Purchasing Services.

For more updates regarding new or updated travel policies and contracts visit Travel Services website: http://travel.umn.edu/


PI Reporting Improvements

Based on feedback and requirements provided by faculty, PIs, and staff, new reports have been created specifically for the use of faculty, particularly of use to principal investigators.

For more updates regarding new or updated reporting visit the Reporting website: http://finsys.umn.edu/reporting/reportinghome.html


Data Warehouse

Enhancements to the database Data Warehouse Enterprise Financials (DWEF)
New summary tables have been created as part of the Financial (EFS) Reporting Improvements Initiative. These new DWEF summary tables should enable all to more quickly pull together useful data without having to join together a large number of tables, should help improve performance when pulling larger amounts of data from DWEF, and will make the casual ad hoc reporting activity less cumbersome.

For more information on the summaries visit follow this link: http://www.finsys.umn.edu/reporting/reporting_dwef_enhancements.html

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