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CLA NOW Agenda: Thursday, October 13, 2011

CLA NOW members --
Attached please find tomorrow's meeting agenda.

Given current and anticipated academic unit administrator vacancies in the college, we would like to use the latter part of the meeting time for a brainstorming session with academic unit administrators about strategies for addressing those vacancies and smoothing the transitions for departments.  Administrators, we hope you will be able to participate in this brainstorming session.


New! Intersections Hiring Module: Hire an Undergrad

Great news! The Intersections: Hire an Undergrad module development and testing is complete and is now available to all units. Your administrator or center director will be contacting you if this is a module that pertains to your work. An especially nice feature of this module is that the Quick Hire form is not required from central administration for undergrad hires processed utilizing this Intersections module. For those who have experience using the Hire a Grad module, you should find it easy to learn this new module. There are no current plans for special training of this module. We have, however, added a training tutorial specific to the Hire an Undergrad module which is located in the Help section of Intersections. We ask that those who will be working in this module to please make every effort to process any student hires over the next couple of months utilizing this module so that any kinks can be worked out before the next rush of Spring 2012 appointments.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Special thanks to the Intersections Committee and the units involved in the testing phase. 

CLA Payroll

Unit Planning Reminder

Dear Academic Unit Admin and Chairs;

A reminder that all Unit Planning documents are due October 15, 2011 to clafiscl@umn.edu. If you have any questions regarding submission of your documents, please contact Mary Beth Kluesner at 4-4153.

Thank you!

Google Migration Update

CLA's deadline is a mere 33 working days away and there are 335 employees who still need to migrate to Google. Department administrators, please check your Google Docs for today's spreadsheet outlining those who still need to migrate. Thank you!

** KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS ** to the following department who has migrated all employees:

  • African American & African Studies

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