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As required by policy, employees receiving supplemental compensation must qualify their eligibility annually.

Authorization for supplemental compensation must be reviewed and renewed annually (departments determine the 12 month period to use). All billings and documentation reviewed to determine eligibility must be retained by the department for audit and compliance purposes.

For those who qualify, the policy authorizes taxable supplemental compensation of:

  • $65 per month (or $30.00 per pay period) for cell phones
  • $130 per month (or $60.00 per pay period) for cell phones with data plans

Departments are responsible for ensuring that compensation amounts are correct (per pay period) and beginning/end dates are established in the payroll system. Please refer to the policy for eligibility requirements:

The annual renewal must be authorized by a Dean or VP or their designee. Please send documentation of eligibility to Stacy Bonn in Fiscal Administration. She will review the documents and obtain the necessary signature.

Faculty and Human Resources

Requests related to the various aspects of HR/Faculty work such as pool approvals, requests to search, and job offers, are to be fully submitted to our office by Monday, December 19th, if approval from the college is needed before the end of business on Friday, December 23.

Reminder: Medical Premium Relief Program

Please remind your employees of the December 15 application deadline to participate in the Medical Premium Relief Program. The University established a one-year Medical Premium Relief grant program to provide assistance to lower paid employees during this year of high increases in the employee contributions for the UPlan Medical Program. Qualification for the grant program is based on your tier of UPlan medical coverage and total household income from the 2010 federal tax form. Information can be found at:
No one volunteered to orient/train/mentor the new administrator for GWSS. She starts Monday. Please contact me immediately if you can provide this support to Angela. Thank you, Margaret.

Official University Holidays

Many of us are making plans for time away around the holidays. Please keep in mind the days the University will be closed. The 2011-12 official University holidays can be found at: The University is open all other days and offices need to be appropriately staffed to conduct business during normal hours of operation.

The University's Enterprise-wide Survey Software Evaluation Committee will have four software vendors on campus for demonstrations January 9-20 to select replacement software for UM Survey.

Demonstrations will be open to interested members of the University community. Anyone who uses UM Survey, or external survey software such as SurveyMonkey, are strongly encouraged to attend. The selected software may also be used by professional offices on campus such as CLA-OIT Survey Services, and feedback from faculty and staff is highly appreciated.

For more information contact committee member, and CLA-OIT Survey Services Coordinator, Thomas Lindsay at or visit the project website.

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