CLA HR Call out for Temporary Administrative Assistance

Cathy Dzuik, Administrator of the Institute of Linguistics (IoL), will be out on a leave starting December 27, 2011.  We anticipate the leave lasting at least 6 weeks, and as long as 12 weeks.  I've met with the Director, Professor Jeanette Gundel, and Cathy, and we identified the areas assistance is needed during this time frame.  There is a part time staff member (Sarah) who is already starting to work with Cathy on a few tasks, and those are identified in the list.  To learn more about IoL please visit:   They are located on the East Bank in Elliott Hall.  Below is the list.  If you are able to provide assistance, please contact me by end of business day Friday, December 9th, at 626-9352 or  Thank you, Margaret

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