CLA HR Call Out for Training and Mentoring Assistance for the New GWSS Administrator

As announced earlier, Angela Brandt will be joining CLA as the new Administrator for Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies (GWSS).  Her start date is Monday, December 19.  With incredible assistance from Bea Dehler of Communication Studies, the department advisor, the fiscal team, and the GWSS chair and staff member, Angela will be well taken care of on many fronts.  The department chair, Professor Regina Kunzel, believes the type of assistance she is looking for Angela is geared towards the curriculum systems, the HR/faculty matters, grant and fellowships, and the work Administrators do with the various CLA collegiate administrative offices.  If you are able to train/mentor Angela, please contact me by end of business day on Monday, December 12.   To learn more about GWSS visit:  They are located on the East Bank in Ford Hall.  Thank you, Margaret

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