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The Administrative Policy: Paid Medical Leave and Disability Benefits for Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative Employees has been revised. The purpose of this revision is to reflect the change in the University disability vendor. All references to The Standard have been replaced with generic disability vendor language that links to the Employee Benefits web site that contains specific information about the new vendor, Cigna. The change in vendor occurs January 1, 2012. Be sure to destroy any documents/materials referring to The Standard that you may have in print form.

In addition to this change, language has been added or edited for understanding and clarification of some current procedures/practices. Two new Q&A's have also been added. Additional information and instructions for completing a claim can be found at the link below. Please contact your CLA HR Consultant when a medical issue has arisen for any member of your department.


Class Lists

CLA Payroll staff are working diligently to enter spring appointments for returning instructors and assistants by the first day of classes to ensure that these employees will be able to access their class rosters. In the case that units need to submit late appointments, we wanted to make you aware of an alternative way to access these class rosters.

Go to: www.umreports.umn.edu.
Type "class list" in search reports field.
Select either "Class List" or "Class List by Subject - PDF Format."
Follow the prompts to arrive at the course that you need a roster for.

Administrators and support staff in units should be able to access these lists.

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