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Intersections HELP Listserve

As we continue to work with the two Intersection-Hiring modules, it remains important that we hear from you about any technical problems or issues you are encountering. Plus, we want to hear your suggestions and ideas that will enhance the modules. The best way to communicate this to us continues to be via emailing: Intersections-hiring@lists.umn.edu

Emails sent to that address will go directly to CLA-OIT technical staff and CLA Fiscal staff so that the appropriate person can respond to your question. Thanks for your cooperation as we continue to enhance and improve the Intersections-Hiring modules.

Routine Capital Equipment Inventory

Inventory Services has already begun to conduct a physical inventory of all capital equipment assets assigned to the College of Liberal Arts. They perform this function once every two years to comply with federal regulations so the University may continue to receive federal grants and contracts. To accomplish this, their staff will need to visit each CLA department to scan barcodes of capital equipment assets. The inventory will take place in two phases. The first phase is to go room-to-room throughout each building that houses CLA assets. The second phase will involve looking for specific equipment assets that have not yet been found. Anyone who has capital equipment assets located off campus may expect to be asked about those items' whereabouts.

Inventory Services will contact each department prior to coming to inventory. They promise to move quickly through the buildings and plan to wrap up the inventory within a few weeks. Kurt Kleppe, Jim Flynn, Tim Page, and Luke Madsen will be the people from Inventory Services conducting the inventory. They can be identified by UCard and by picture identification badge. As always, they will strive to not interrupt normal departmental routine. If some workspace needs special accommodation, please contact Luke Madsen at 612-626-8217, to make arrangements. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.

Here is the link to the policy regarding the disposing of University equipment: http://www.policy.umn.edu/Policies/Finance/Inventory/PROPERTY_PROC03.html

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