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Announcement for CLA Administrators

Please read and communicate the relevant information to P&A employees coming up for promotion.

The P&A Promotion dossier submission deadline is Friday, March 2, 2012.

Anticipated Cases

If you have not already done so, please identify all P&A staff members being considered for promotion during the 2011/12 academic year. Please email the names of those individuals to clahr@umn.edu ASAP, so CLA HR may set up your P-drive access.

Important Information to Note

Information about the 2011/12 P&A promotion process and links to relevant University governing documents and collegiate guidelines can be found on the CLA HR intranet. http://www.cla.umn.edu/intranet/hr/PromotionGuidelines.php

P&A promotion dossier material must be submitted to the college electronically, via the collegiate projects drive established for annual processes. Submission instructions are outlined below:

      • P&A promotion material must be submitted electronically by unit administrators, via the CLA projects drive.
      • P&A promotion material must be subdivided into sections, as set forth below. Each section will comprise its own pdf file. Individual sections and pdf files will contain multiple documents. 
      • Each candidate must have a separate folder under the department folder on the projects drive labeled by their LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. Within each candidate's folder on the projects drive, each section of the P&Apromotion material must have its own pdf file (two sections total).
Click on folder named "P&A Promotions"
  • Click on "2011/12" sub-folder
  • Click on department sub-folder
  • Within your department sub-folder, each candidate will have a separate folder. 
  • Within each candidate's folder should be TWO PDF files (section I, section II).
    • Section I (one PDF) will contain:
      1. Curriculum Vitae/resume
      2. Candidate Narrative
      3. Current Position Description
      4. Position Description for Proposed Promotion
      5. Annual Reviews
      6. Internal Evaluators
    • Section II (one PDF) will contain:
      1. Unit Head Recommendation
      2. Supervisor Recommendation
      3. Report and Recommendation from Unit's Review Committee (if applicable)
Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the 2011/12 P&A promotion process, please contact Tihara Chadwick at chadw025@umn.edu or 612-624-0098.
Units often encounter difficulty in submitting employee expense reimbursements when the employee has had a change in their work status e.g. terminations etc. Currently the only way to avoid these problems is to submit employee expense reimbursements as quickly as possible. Please inform employees in your areas that to avoid potential reimbursement delays they should always submit their expenses in a timely manner. If units know that a change in work life is occurring for an employee (e.g. termination, transfer, etc.) they should be aware that these "work-life changes" can create difficulties in the reimbursement process and should be submitted as quickly as possible.

In CLA, we encounter this issue frequently with grad employees. Please encourage your staff and students to submit these expenses as soon as possible to avoid delay in reimbursement.

CLA Payroll Updated Website Information

Recently updated form: New hires for CLA - Required documentation

 This form has been recently updated to include what is needed for a "Without Salary Appointment" (WOS) for an external reviewer for Grad School Oral/Dissertation Committees. It also includes a link to the process on the CLA Grad Programs website.

I-9 Update - International Employees

When sending your international employees to complete their I9's, it is strongly suggested that you make an appointment with central payroll or risk being turned away. Please call 625-2016 to make an appointment. Central payroll also prefers that these I9's are completed at the job center in Donhowe on the East Bank campus, rather than at payroll in WBOB.

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