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New Personnel Specialist Joins CLA

We write to announce a new addition to the CLA HR/Faculty team. As you recall, we've had an open Personnel Specialist position since late November. We conducted a search and extended an offer. Thank you to Barbara Lehnhoff, Jean Kucera, and Pat Del Vecchio, for participating in the interview process. We are pleased to welcome Kimberlee Mueller as the new Personnel Specialist. Kimberlee starts March 8 and will work closely with the team to get oriented. Information about Kimberlee's contact information and unit assignments will be communicated at a later date. Thank you for your patience during our transition. A special thank you to Tihara who has been handling all the employment matters for the entire college these past few months. Please continue to send employment requests through to the CLA HR email account as this is the most effective way for the team to handle each matter in a timely manner.

Thank you, CLA HR/Faculty team

AFSCME Day on the Hill

Announcement from Patti Dion, Director of Employee Relations:

AFSCME's Annual "Day on the Hill" will take place on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. This is an event where AFSCME members jointly visit the legislature in order to lobby for more money, or fewer budget cuts, for the University of Minnesota.

The University supports AFSCME in this effort of emphasizing the University's importance to the state of Minnesota. Therefore, the University has agreed to allow AFSCME Union members to participate in the "Day on the Hill" activities without loss of pay.

Supervisors of AFSCME employees are encouraged to work with their interested AFSCME employees to arrange for maximum participation in this day's events. Participating AFSCME employees shall be allowed time off with pay that is not subtracted from vacation, sick leave, or compensatory time balances. The expectation is that employees interested in attending the event contact their supervisors ahead of time so the appropriate staffing arrangement can be made in the department.

Again, the University supports this activity. Please work with your employees to attempt to allow interested employees to participate. If you have questions about the University's position on this event, please contact your HR Consultant.

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