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Scholarship Selector Tool Training

Scholarship Student Selector is a tool in UM Reports designed to assist those who have a role in scholarship recipient selection process. Anyone who works with scholarships and is interested in learning about student selector tool is encouraged to attend training.

The Office of Student Finance has scheduled two training sessions on the following dates for the Scholarship Student Selector Tool for CLA staff:

  •      Tuesday, April 10, 2012 @ 1:30 -3:00 p.m. in room B20 Fraser Hall
  •      Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 8:30-10:00 a.m. in room B20 Fraser Hall
Please sign up in advance by emailing Dianne Danov in the Office of Student Finance at

If you have questions about Scholarship Student Selector training, contact Dianne Danov by email at or by phone at 624-2057.

Graduate Assistant Union Election Results

Below is a March 26 message to Graduate Assistants from Kathy Brown, VP of Human Resources.  Additional information regarding the election results can be found at:

Dear Graduate Assistants:

Ballots have been tallied, and University of Minnesota graduate assistants have elected to remain in a non-union status, with a majority voting against representation by United Auto Workers of America (UAW/GSWU).

I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in this election. I know that many of you hold strong beliefs, both in favor of and opposed to union representation. Now that a decision has been made, I hope that we can set aside these differences and work together to ensure the best possible graduate assistant experience.

Once again, I would like to express to you how important your role is to this institution. Graduate assistants are vital to the education, research, and outreach mission of the University. The University has done and will continue to do everything possible to ensure a flourishing graduate assistant program. With the election behind us, we are ready to work together with you to continue that legacy.


Kathryn F. Brown, Vice President
Office of Human Resources

Vacation Cash Out

CLA Bargaining Unit Employees are currently in either the Clerical Unit (AFSCME-6) or the Technical Unit (AFSCME-7).

Contracts have been negotiated to go from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2013 between AFSCME and the University of Minnesota.  We are waiting for notification from labor relations at the U that the contract has been ratified by members before it will be distributed.  

In the meantime we received a Memorandum of Understanding about a change to vacation cash out.  The new language states:
"For the life of this Agreement, AFSCME (6 and 7) employees represented by local (3800 and 3837 respectively) may request cash out of up to 40 hours of accumulated vacation time each fiscal year.  Denial of a request will not be grounds for grievance."

Central Human Resources said that a decision was made about the ability to use this cash out prior to the final signing of the new collective bargaining agreements.  Employees can request the vacation cash outs now and it is up to the departments as to whether or not you can fulfill this request.  If the department cannot fulfill the request, a reason should be provided.  The AFSCME language is similar to the language in the Civil Service rules.  

OHR is interpreting this to mean one request per fiscal year and up to 40 hours of time at that request.  The employee can ask to cash out only 20 hours, but the employee can not come back and ask to cash out 20 hours later in the same fiscal year.

When a CLA unit approves a cash out of vacation, it is charged to the unit.  The college or University do not pay for vacation cash outs.  If a supervisor approves a vacation cash out request, that approval should be in writing, and copied to the unit's fiscal team member.

There is a different cash out option in the bargaining unit contracts if someone is going to lose vacation:  
For AFSCME 6 and 7 (in the current contract) it states:
Any employee who is about to lose vacation leave because s/he has been denied a vacation request made in accordance with a department's leave policy and will therefore reach the maximum accumulation, shall be entitled to take one (1) week of vacation to prevent such loss upon advance notice of seven (7) calendar days to his/her supervisor or shall be allowed to cash out one (1) week of vacation.

The Civil Service rules state the following about vacation cash out:
Any employee may request to cash out one week of their accumulated vacation time each fiscal year at the unit's discretion.

The Civil Service rules state this if someone is going to lose vacation:
Any employee who is about to lose vacation because he/she has been denied a vacation request made in accordance with an administrative unit's leave policy and will reach the maximum accumulation, shall be entitled to take up to one week of vacation to prevent loss of vacation earned upon advance notice of seven (7) calendar days to their supervisor, or shall be allowed to cash out up to (1) one week of vacation earnings based upon percent time of appointment.

UM Reports - Endowment Detail

If you have UM Treasury Accounting (formerly Asset Management) endowments in your department, you may be interested in a UM Report called "Endowment Detail." The report will give you recent details (principal, past distribution, whether true-endowment or quasi-endowment or PUF endowment) for a department's Treasury Accounting endowments.

  • Enter "Position Date," which can be any prior quarter-end date, in the format mm/dd/yyyy
  • Enter your DeptId 
Please note: if you have any PUF endowments in your department, the details provided for those will be only the Treasury Accounting "match" portion of the endowment and you will need to look in DMS for details on the UMF "gift" portion of the endowment.
Do you or a colleague have questions about J Visas, J Scholars, or related processes? Sign up for one of two J Visa Information Sessions next month (next month's sessions will take place on the Twin Cities campus, West Bank and East Bank). Sessions will be offered Wednesday, April 11, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m., in 415 Blegen Hall; and Tuesday, April 17, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m., in 125 Burton Hall. If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to browse the following useful links:

Request for Promotion and Tenure Information

Please identify all probationary faculty members expected to be considered for promotion and tenure during academic year 2012/13, as well as any tenured faculty members who may be considered for promotion to professor, and e-mail the list of your anticipated cases to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, at

CLA-OIT has a new blog dedicated to our research computing services. Our support staff will use the blog as a space to provide news, notifications of changes to research-related technologies, and other helpful information. You can read updates on the CLA-OIT website or add our RSS feed to your favorite reader. For added convenience, you can subscribe to receive news updates via email. Every time we publish a news story you will receive it in your inbox the very next morning. We welcome questions and feedback and invite you to tell us what you think about our blog.

Find out how the University community is using technology to drive innovation in teaching, learning, and research!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Great Hall, Coffman Memorial Union

Light refreshments will be served and the College of Education and Human Development is giving away a new iPad, yes the latest iPad, door prize to one lucky person. The iPad winner could be you!

This is going to be an exciting event with over 75 poster sessions representing 14 colleges and units across campus.

Exhibition Topics

  • Accessibility
  • Assessment, Evaluation, Quality
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Stories and Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • Information Resources & Repositories
  • Mobile
  • Online Collaboration/Engagement
  • Online Learning
  • Simulations/Games
  • Technology-Enhanced Laboratories


The Academic Technology Showcase is a collaboration between the College of Education and Human Development, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Office of Information Technology.

March 31, 2012
8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Services Affected (avoid these during the window)

  • Research servers
  • Unix-based file servers (clio and thalia)
  • Database servers
  • Web servers

Services Not Affected (common services that users often ask about)

  • Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Sites)
  • Active Directory File storage (Home, Shared, Project folders)
  • CLA Terminal Server

Specific Details

  • Hardware Upgrades:
    • Upgrade, the Linux terminal server, to new hardware.
    • Add more capacity to our storage infrastructure.
  • Security Patching:
    • Perform routine maintenance tasks which will require rebooting most Unix servers.


What is a "system maintenance window"?

In order to correct a technical issue, install a security patch, or upgrade server hardware, CLA-OIT must occasionally disrupt normal networked services. Whenever possible, we plan such service outages in advance during times that minimize the disruption to our users.

Can I work during the maintenance window?

In general, CLA-OIT recommends that you avoid using the affected services during the maintenance window. Systems may be available during the maintenance window, but they can and will be shut down without warning and may be unavailable for hours at a time. So, use only at your own risk.

Can't this be done without disrupting service?

Certain tasks require server reboots and/or physically unplugging electricity. We do our best to group these tasks together to minimize the number of outages we schedule each year--which is generally less than five.

Can you reschedule this window to a more convenient time?

CLA-OIT strives to select times that minimize disruption. It isn't possible to pick a time that will not affect somebody. We also have to consider the availability of our staff and central OIT staff who run the data centers and networks. We try to soften the impact by announcing maintenance windows well in advance.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 612-624-4357 (4-help) or

CLA-OIT System Maintenance Windows Google Calendar

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