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9 Over 12 Pay Schedule Deadlines

If you have faculty who are making the switch to or from the 9 over 12 pay schedule, please give them the Memorandum of Agreement to sign, then forward the completed form to your financial service team by 5/28/12. 


If you have faculty who are on the 9 over 12 pay schedule but will be on an unpaid or partially unpaid leave this upcoming year, it is imperative that you give that information to your financial service team so that the associated payroll documents can be processed to avoid over-payments.

Donor Management System Offline

The Donor Management System (DMS) will be offline Thursday, April 26 at 1 AM until Monday April 30 at 7 AM for a major Oracle infrastructure upgrade. From a user's perspective, there will be minimal functional changes after the upgrade. You will be notified when systems are restored.

Systems that will be offline:
  • DMS
  • AIM
  • Scholarship Tracking and Reporting (STAR)
  • mobile DMS
  • The Net
Systems that will be available:
  • Lyris
  • Online Giving
  • University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) website
Please contact the DMS help desk (6-8544) with questions.

Administrative Director Position

As you know, there will soon be an administrator vacancy in the Institute for Global Studies (IGS).  The Assistant Dean for International Programs and several west bank center directors have been working towards a goal of shared administrative services. An Administrative Director (#0600) position has been developed, and this position will be key in helping the center directors realize their goal. We encourage all those interested to review and apply for this exciting opportunity. The description of the position and qualifications (req# 177700)  can be found at:  https://employment.umn.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=539675

If you have questions regarding the position, please feel free to call Margaret at 6-9352. Thank you.
CLA HR is asking units to hold off on issuing B-term instructional appointment letters. The college is contemplating changing the template letter by removing the non-renewal language. We hope to have an answer within a week. If you have opinions about this change, pro or con, please contact Margaret at 6-9352.  Thank you. 
It is with mixed emotions that I announce the departure of Renada Goldberg, department administrator of Speech Language Hearing Sciences (SLHS). Renada has accepted a position with the College of Education and Human Development, and her last day in CLA will be May 4.

We would greatly appreciate hearing from you or someone you know who could temporarily assist SLHS while we work with the department chair to determine a replacement for Renada. SLHS needs immediate help with the following tasks: merit letters, summer hiring (underway, but not complete for faculty and students), preparing a promotion packet for external review, budget close-out and clean-up of accounts, possible facilitation of a faculty search if approved in the budget request. If interested in helping SLHS, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss this further. It would be helpful if one administrator is available to serve as the point person to work with Peggy to coordinate others who might help on particular tasks.  I would appreciate if you could contact me by Friday, April 27 about your availability.

On behalf of CLA I extend my gratitude and well-wishes to Renada on her career path.

Thank you,  Wendy (5-8484, lanex025@umn.edu)

AFSCME Clerical and Technical Contracts

The AFSCME Technical and Clerical contracts will be ready for distribution soon.  All AFSCME employees will receive a copy of the new contract.  CLA HR is coordinating the distribution effort of the contracts for our supervisors.  If you receive a message directly from central Human Resources asking for the number of contracts, please disregard, as we have been asked to coordinate this effort for all CLA units. 

Please let CLA HR (clahr@umn.edu) know how many copies of each (clerical and technical) contract you will need for supervisors and others in your unit.  We'll get this count and request the contracts and get them mailed out to you as soon as we can. Again,  please do not include BU employees in this count as the BU employees will receive the contracts in a separate mailing.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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