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Margaret Tracy will be leaving her position as the department administrator for Asian Languages and Literatures (ALL) on May 11, 2012. She accepted a position as a judicial law clerk, and the college extends a big congratulations to her!  ALL will need immediate help with the following tasks: merit letters, summer hiring (underway, but not complete for faculty and P/A), fall hiring, budget close-out and clean-up of accounts (almost done), and facilitation of a faculty search.   It would be helpful if one administrator is available to serve as the point person to work with department chair Paul Rouzer to coordinate others who might help on particular tasks.  If you are interested in helping ALL, please contact Margaret Yzaguirre (6-9352; mmy@umn.edu) by Friday morning May 4, 2012.  Thank you.

Payroll Office Update

Many units have requested that their payroll work, particularly appointment entry, be done by their own service team.  In response to this request and after careful analysis to ensure that adequate internal controls are in place, we have made this change to the payroll work flow.  On 04/30/2012, Financial Service Teams started entering HRMS worksheets for the units they primarily support.  Worksheets and supporting documentation will continue to need to route to CLA payroll (Johnston Hall) for review but will be returned to the originating team to complete entry of the appointment.  Please contact Rana Murphy at murph059@umn.edu or 625-3236 if there are any questions about this change. 


RECESS agreements expire at the end of the fiscal payroll year, (or at the end of the academic appointment term, if earlier). Employees return to their original work commitment unless a subsequent agreement is reached to cover the following year. Linked in this announcement is an updated RECESS summary that provides links to the new forms and the U policy for FY12-13.  NEW in 2012: Any one person may have their work effort reduced under the provisions of this program with appropriate approval for no more than a total of 24 months over the duration of the program.

On Tuesday, May 8, Intersections: Grad Tracker will transition to the new Shibboleth login/sign-out protocol from the Central Authentication Hub (CAH). There is no extended downtime that accompanies this work.

Once the implementation is complete the authentication to Grad Tracker will have a new look and feel. See OIT's detailed preview of the new look. Many of you have already seen this change in other applications, so the look will be familiar.

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