Contract Faculty - Annual Reviews and Renewal Letters

Annual Review. Written evaluations of contract faculty performance are required for all contract faculty in residence for any portion of the 2011 reporting period (spring semester 2011 and fall semester 2011). In addition to informing decisions about salary adjustment (when permitted), these evaluations are important for ongoing faculty development.

Renewal Letters. Contract faculty being renewed for 2012/13 must receive a letter of renewal based on the attached template. Renewal letters for 2012/13 should be prepared only after a funding source has been identified for the position and approved by the college. Contract faculty renewal letters are subject to the approval of the college. Please submit renewal letters to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, at, along with a statement about the source of funding for the position for FY13.

Download the template. Please refer questions about the contract faculty renewal process to Angie Plambeck or John Blair.

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