Parental Leave Policy Clarification for Academic Employees

The following Q&A was added to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Administrative Policy: Parental Leave for Academic Employees. This Q&A is included to clarify the amount of paid parental leave available for the birth mother.  The policy is located at:  Please communicate this information within your unit as appropriate.
Can a birth mother take six weeks of paid medical leave for physical recovery from the birth and then, after the medical leave, take an additional six weeks of paid parental leave?

No.  The birth mother cannot take more than a total of six weeks paid leave in connection with the birth of her child, unless the mother qualifies for additional time under the paid medical leave for her physical recovery.  As stated under the Reason for Policy section of the parental leave policy, the six weeks of paid parental leave for the birth mother is for the purposes of both bonding with the child and recovery from the physical disability associated with the birth.

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