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CLA HR is currently cleaning up some of our postings in the Employment System and requests your help.  If you have not already done so, please update applicant statuses in all term faculty and instructional blanket postings from 2011/12 (or older) and notify us so we may close them for you. Please send these requests and any "remove from web" requests to clahr@umn.edu for outdated requisitions.  We will work to publish your new 2012/13 blanket posting once these actions are completed.  We would like to see outdated postings resolved by June 29.  Thank you.

BMS Dismisses Charge of Unfair Election Practices

Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and HR Leads:

The following email will be sent today to all graduate assistants.

Patti Dion, Director

Employee Relations and Compensation


(Please load images) University of Minnesota.

Graduate Assistants,

The Bureau of Mediation Services dismissed the Charge of Unfair Election Practices filed by United Auto Workers (UAW) against the University of Minnesota, finding that the University did not engage in any unfair election practice that affected the outcome of the election. The election results stand, and the Maintenance of Status Quo Order has been lifted. Graduate assistants will remain in their non-union status, and the University is free to resume discussions related to terms and conditions of employment.

Once again, we look forward to putting this election behind us and moving forward collaboratively to ensure the best possible graduate assistant experience at the University of Minnesota.

Patti Dion, Director
Employee Relations and Compensation

CLA HR has created a new document to provide guidance on using the People Admin employment system, found on the HR intranet website at the link called "CLA HR Guidance for Employment System": http://www.cla.umn.edu/assets/doc/EmploymentSystemUpdatesandRefreshers.pdf

J Visa Reminders

  • Please submit DS-2019 applications two to four months before you expect the scholar to begin in the department. It takes two to three weeks to process all J-1 and J-2 documents after you submit a complete request form to us. If there is missing information or if issues arise, this process may take longer. After having received the DS-2019, the invited scholar then should have at least a month to apply for his or her visa and make travel arrangements to the U.S. Requests should be submitted to ISSS as hard copies and not as email attachments.
  • If the J-1 cannot arrive and report to ISSS less than 25 days after the DS-2019 start date; the scholar will need a new DS-2019 document with an updated start date. Contact Kathrin Hahn, 612-626-7452 or via email, for an amended document.
  • When scholars and faculty arrive, be sure to have them visit ISSS to complete their mandatory Check-In. This can have serious repercussions for the scholar and their program with you if this does not occur.
  • Travel signatures. Please help remind scholars, if they and/or their J-2 dependents wish to travel outside of the U.S., that they need to have a valid travel signature on their DS-2019 to re-enter the U.S. upon their return. They obtain this signature from an J adviser in ISSS during walk-ins or an appointment.
*Scholars who do not have U of MN health insurance or a wavier of the insurance (issued by the Office of Student Health Benefits) are not eligible for travel signatures and other ISSS services. If they do not have University employment insurance, please have them contact the Office of Student Health Benefits for questions and enrollment.*
  • When scholars and faculty end their program with you, please have them report their final departure date to ISSS. They can do this through email, phone, or a visit during walk-in hours.

Kathrin Hahn, J Visa Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services

Kathrin Hahn, J Visa Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services

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