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Delegations of Authority

As new department chairs and center directors transition into their roles this summer Dean Parente will delegate appropriate authorities to these individuals. Staff in the dean's office will manage the administrative work of requesting delegation additions or changes through the Office of Institutional Compliance. If you have any questions please contact Julia Sollien at jsollien@umn.edu or 612-624-8187. 

I-9 E-Verify Update

E-Verify will now enable you to select a future hire date up to 365 calendar days after the current date.  In other words, Part II can now be completed in advance of the first three days of their employment.  The latest this can be done stays unchanged.  It must be done by the third day of employment.   It is also important that Part II not be completed until the employee has actually been hired and we have received an accepted offer letter.  This is because the I-9 Employment Verification process cannot be used to "pre-screen" candidates.  Contact your service team with any questions.

Stay Informed on Policies

Please read the updated information from the Policy Post below, and consider subscribing to the list serv so you'll stay informed about policies, and upcoming changes to policies. You and many within your unit will need to know the polices and any changes to them. Anyone can subscribe by sending an email to: policy@umn.edu

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Policy Post October 2011

What's new in University-Wide Administrative Policies? Here are some highlights from the past few months. Additional policy changes can be found at http://policy.umn.edu/User/POLICYLIB_UPDATED.html.

NEWS FLASH ... Regents Scholarship Program ...

President Kaler has considered the current tuition coverage for employees matriculating for the first time in a baccalaureate degree program under the Regents Scholarship Program policy.  He has decided to increase the tuition coverage from the current 90% to the prior threshold of full tuition coverage for these individuals, beginning fall semester 2012.  All other program-eligible employees will still be responsible for 25% of the tuition cost. 

Want to see it for yourself?  The policy version that will be posted after summer session is accessible through the current Regents Scholarship Program policy at http://policy.umn.edu/categories/hr/Regents_Scholarship_Policy.pdf.

Making the Call

Executives and key administrators have been focused over the past 6-12 months on conducting a review of their policies to identify areas in which operational excellence should occur.  One of the many policies examined was Cell Phone and PDA Business Expenses. A policy revision is currently available for your review and comment.

Key Change
Salary allowances (augmentations) for business cell phone expenses currently allowed by policy will be eliminated effective July 2012. Exceptions will continue for business use in special situations (e.g., public safety and disaster preparedness, departmentally-owned contracts, international expenses.)

  • Why is this change being made?
    This policy change will reduce administrative burden and costs. Departments and employees will no longer have to monitor eligibility or track cell phone usage.  A savings of approximately $250,000 annually is anticipated as a result of the policy change.

  • What is the impact to faculty and staff who are currently receiving a salary allowance for this reason?
    These employees will be grandfathered into the new policy, provided they still meet the eligibility requirements when transitioning from the former policy.  Allowances will be eliminated and a fixed amount of $65/monthly will be added to the employee's base salary until such time as the employee has left the University or their current position.

  • What if I no longer need/want the allowance?
    Currently eligible employee may voluntarily "opt-out" of receiving the additional pay altogether and/or departments may enter into mutual agreements with the affected employees to receive an amount less than $65.00 per month.

Emeritus/Emerita Title for Retiring Faculty

Faculty retiring from the University are conferred the title of emeritus or emeriti per Board of Regents Policy:  Faculty Emeriti.  In this latest revision of the administrative policy, there is a new provision for the president to withhold or withdraw the emeritus/emerita title in circumstances:

  1. where a faculty member retires during suspension or termination proceedings initiated under Board of Regents Policy: Faculty Tenure; or
  2. where evidence presented to the president demonstrates that the faculty member has engaged in conduct that violates the standards of the Faculty Tenure policy

Faculty members in this situation will be afforded an opportunity to be heard, after which a final decision will be made.  This final decision by the president is not subject to further review.

Closing Up Shop

The publishing of the University-Administered Graduate Student Fellowships and Traineeships for 30-day review marks the conclusion of the Graduate Education Policy Committee. This committee, having devoted more than two years of work to the effort, has delivered thirteen graduate education policies.  When drafting the policies, committee members focused on consistencies across programs, clarity both of policy and processes, and reducing the burden where possible for graduate students and staff.  The Policy Owner will continue to address ongoing needs, the implementation, and monitoring the effectiveness of the policies.

This latest policy:

  1. establishes standards that apply to all University-Administered fellowships and traineeships;
  2. distinguishes fellowships and traineeships from salaried graduate student employment;
  3. requires fair and transparent select processes for awards; and
  4. extends the applicability of these policy requirements to all programs, including those not formerly under the aegis of the Graduate School.

With an institution this large, it is not realistic for a committee of any size to know what the impact will be of the specific policy requirements without engaging end users, both in the development cycle as well as the 30-day review. The committee chair, Dr. Nita Krevans, and the rest of the committee members wish to acknowledge the significant contributions by all of you who have participated along this long journey, and encourage you to review this latest draft at http://policy.umn.edu/User/POLICIESREVIEW.html

You Report

Actually, it's UReport.

The University provides options for community members to make good faith reports of misconduct.  While we encourage the reporter to resolve the issue at their local level, the University also offers a confidential online reporting mechanism at www.UReport.ethicspoint.com and a toll-free number (1-866-294-8680).

The associated policy, Reporting and Addressing Concerns of Misconduct, has undergone a comprehensive review.  The policy owner has enhanced this policy by incorporating a new section on mandatory reporting for the protection of minors, as well as expanded information on the prohibition of retaliation.

30 Days and Counting!

We encourage you to review the above administrative policies during the 30-day public review and comment period. Feedback received from the University community (you!) will be considered prior to the policy change going into effect. The policies are available at http://policy.umn.edu/User/POLICIESREVIEW.html.

  1. Using Controlled Substances for Research (revised) - A non-required licensing step has been eliminated, which will save the University both time and money.

  2. Processing Accounting Transactions (revised) - This policy simplifies the timelines and deadlines for accounting transactions, as well as eliminates the departmental head approval on sponsored journal entries. Only the PI and certified approver will need to approve a transaction if it occurs after the accounting period.

  3. Funding and Approvals of Capital Projects (new) - All related project and resource information has been consolidated into one policy and it documents current practice.  This policy also specifies allowable internal expenses for personnel and project management.

  4. Export Controls (new) - This policy codifies the processes and information that currently exists into an administrative policy and procedures, and defines the roles and responsibilities for units and individuals who are engaged in international travel or activities. This document also consolidates resources to be used by faculty and staff who are engaged in activities that may be subject to export controls.

A Great Bargain

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For any new subscribers, we are waiving the membership fee.  That's right.  It costs you nothing, zip, zero, nada (it never did, but that's not the point).  Of course, we look forward to you adding in your two cents while reviewing the policies, but the opportunity to do so is priceless...literally! 

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To subscribe, simply send an email to us at policy@umn.edu.  Operators are usually standing by!

We welcome any suggestions or comments on these policies, changes, or the policy library. Feel free to email us at policy@umn.edu, complete the feedback box at the bottom of any policy or procedure, or call Michele Gross at 612-624-8081.

Be sure to bookmark our URL http://policy.umn.edu (or http://www.policy.umn.edu.)

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Plan Ahead

As you take this summer to plan the calendar for your units for the coming year, please remember to refer to the CLA NOW calendar for collegiate meetings and deadlines. Also watch for updated deadlines to appear on the CLA intranet for the Office of Associate Dean for Faculty and for Human Resources (http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/hr/FacHRDeadlinesFY11.php). These deadlines should not be too different from this past year, so feel free to plan close to FY12 dates as you set your unit calendar deadlines.  Thank you.
The College is pleased to announce the Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award recipients for the 2011-2012 academic year. The award is sponsored by a gift from the family and friends of the College of Liberal Arts alumnus Arthur Motley and alumni of the College. The purpose of the award is to recognize faculty who are outstanding teachers of graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts. It acknowledges tenured or tenure-track faculty who inspire and care, who make themselves approachable, who show an interest in individual students' well-being and in programs for the benefit of students generally, who give of themselves generously in advising, counseling, and directing projects, and who create an active classroom atmosphere. Such faculty members provide a model to undergraduate and graduate students through their own research and teaching, and leave an impression by their efforts which alumni recall with appreciation and esteem. In sum, the recipient of this award will have enhanced the lives of University of Minnesota students. Please join us in congratulating the following Arthur "Red" Motley award winners:

Ron Aminzade, Department of Sociology
Paul Goren, Department of Political Science
Saje Mathieu, Department of History

The award winners will be recognized and invited to make a brief speech on the importance of great teaching at a special event in the coming academic year.  More details from the Dean's Office will be forthcoming.

ServiceNow, Now!

On Monday, June 25, CLA-OIT will switch from using our own customer request tool/ticketing system called RT to using a new University-wide shared cloud service called ServiceNow. We anticipate this change having an impact on everyone we support.

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