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EFS System Performance Review

A Review of people's frustrations with EFS indicated that system performance continues to be a challenge. Over the last several months, committees made up of those with access to the system have worked with central units to specify the most pressing performance issues. Anecdotal information revealed the most problematic areas.

The next step toward improving system performance is a comprehensive effort to measure performance in problem areas, so specific issues can be isolated and addressed. People who participate in this effort will be asked to log their actual experiences in the system via a website. Those with a high-volume of activity have been identified and will be asked to participate.

An initial round of testing was conducted in May. A second round of testing will be conducted from July 9 through July 20, 2012. Requisition preparers from a broadly representative selection of units have been contacted to participate in the second round of testing.

If someone in your unit received this email, they are considered to be a high-volume requisition preparer. Various RRCs have expressed their support so we encourage your unit to participate in this important effort even if you participated in the first round. This effort will benefit all requisition preparers and help to define system changes and create efficiencies.

If you have been identified as a potential participant and you would like to participate, email
FinSys@umn.edu by Friday, June 29, 2012 to notify the project team of your intent to participate.

Visit this web page for more details on this effort: http://www.finsys.umn.edu/sys/performance.html

Thank you

Important CLA Fiscal Year-End 2012 Deadlines

We have received the Fiscal Year End Memo for 2012.  The memo can be found at: http://controller.umn.edu/fye/

We encourage you to read the entire year end memo

Below is a link to a memo specific to CLA entitled
CLA Fiscal Year End 2012 Deadlines.  This memo includes deadlines specific to CLA in order for the financial service teams to meet Central Administration deadlines.

Key CLA Deadline Dates:

June 8, 2012 - PO Vouchers
June 15, 2012 - Non-PO Vouchers
June 15, 2012 - Employee Expenses

June 29, 2012 - P-Card Reconciliation

CLA Fiscal Year End Deadlines 2012

Student Workers and UM Reports

We have good news for departments with student employees who work with financial reports. Student employees may now request access to the financial reports in UM Reports under their own Internet ID. There is no longer a need to have a separate, departmentally sponsored Internet ID in order to allow a student worker to log in to UM Reports so they may run, view, or print financial reports.

How do I get my student workers switched over to their own ID for UM Reports?

To have your student employee's UM Reports access moved to their own Internet ID, contact the University Financial Helpline 612-624-1617 or finsys@umn.edu. This will not require any additional paperwork. Once their access has been moved, OIT Provisioning & Requests (formerly known as OIT Data Security) will notify them via email.

How do I get new student workers access to financial UM Reports?
For new student employees in departments: complete an EFS access request http://www.finsys.umn.edu/EFS_accessrequest.pdf. Be sure to select the "inquiry access" box on the first page of the form. If you only want the student employee to access UM Reports and not access the rest of the tools noted below, clearly write in the statement of business need box "UM Reports only." Otherwise selecting that box on the request will get the student worker access under their own Internet ID to the following:

  • Data Warehouse (DWFS and DWEF)
  • EFS reporting instance with Query Manager
  • WebNow view access
  • Access to the nVision tool
  • UM Reports financial reports


Sharing of IDs, passwords, or access to the University's financial systems is a violation of policy and good business practices. Each individual should be accessing the University's systems and data using their own ID.

June 28, 2012
12 - 2 p.m.

Services Affected (avoid these during the window)

  • Intersections Hiring Modules
  • Grad Tracker

Services Not Affected (common services that users often ask about)

  • Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Sites)
  • Active Directory File storage (Home, Shared, Project folders)
  • CLA Terminal Server

Specific Details

  • Software Upgrades:
    • P&A Hiring Module for Intersections will go online
    • Routine upgrade of programming software


What is a "system maintenance window"?

In order to correct a technical issue, install a security patch, or upgrade server hardware, CLA-OIT must occasionally disrupt normal networked services. Whenever possible, we plan such service outages in advance during times that minimize the disruption to our users.

Can I work during the maintenance window?

In general, CLA-OIT recommends that you avoid using the affected services during the maintenance window. Systems may be available during the maintenance window, but they can and will be shut down without warning and may be unavailable for hours at a time. So, use only at your own risk.

Can't this be done without disrupting service?

Certain tasks require server reboots and/or physically unplugging electricity. We do our best to group these tasks together to minimize the number of outages we schedule each year--which is generally less than five.

Can you reschedule this window to a more convenient time?

CLA-OIT strives to select times that minimize disruption. It isn't possible to pick a time that will not affect somebody. We also have to consider the availability of our staff and central OIT staff who run the data centers and networks. We try to soften the impact by announcing maintenance windows well in advance.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 612-624-4357 (4-help) or 4help@umn.edu.

CLA-OIT System Maintenance Windows Google Calendar

Subscribe at: http://z.umn.edu/maintenance

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