EFS System Performance Review

A Review of people's frustrations with EFS indicated that system performance continues to be a challenge. Over the last several months, committees made up of those with access to the system have worked with central units to specify the most pressing performance issues. Anecdotal information revealed the most problematic areas.

The next step toward improving system performance is a comprehensive effort to measure performance in problem areas, so specific issues can be isolated and addressed. People who participate in this effort will be asked to log their actual experiences in the system via a website. Those with a high-volume of activity have been identified and will be asked to participate.

An initial round of testing was conducted in May. A second round of testing will be conducted from July 9 through July 20, 2012. Requisition preparers from a broadly representative selection of units have been contacted to participate in the second round of testing.

If someone in your unit received this email, they are considered to be a high-volume requisition preparer. Various RRCs have expressed their support so we encourage your unit to participate in this important effort even if you participated in the first round. This effort will benefit all requisition preparers and help to define system changes and create efficiencies.

If you have been identified as a potential participant and you would like to participate, email
FinSys@umn.edu by Friday, June 29, 2012 to notify the project team of your intent to participate.

Visit this web page for more details on this effort: http://www.finsys.umn.edu/sys/performance.html

Thank you

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