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International Student and Scholar Services

J-1 Scholar Administrative Fee as part of initial scholar applications and continuing scholar applications has been raised to $295 (previously $285) effective July 1, 2012. If a scholar's application was submitted to ISSS prior to July 1, the old fee will assessed. Applications submitted after July 1 will be assessed the new fee. Forms online will be updated in the coming days.

On June 24 two new reports were added to the financial suite of reports in UM Reports.

New 'Payroll Detail' report

This report shows payroll detail for sponsored and non-sponsored activity. This new report mimics the Payroll Detail report that currently exists in the PI Suite of reports in UM Reports. The main difference is that this report is not driven by Internet ID (X.500). Instead one may enter dates and distinct chartfields as parameters. This report:

  • Tracks salary and fringe spending as well as current encumbrance values for a specific set of chartstrings. Information is shown at the employee level of detail.
  • Can be used to calculate burn rates, prepare forecasts, and to get a point in time fiscal status(es) for both non-sponsored and sponsored payroll activity.
  • In addition to this being a stand-alone report, one can link to this report from salary and fringe budget level rows on both the Account Budget Status for Current Non-Sponsored Funds and Budget Account versus Actual Activity - Current Non-Sponsored Funds reports.

Try out the new 'Payroll Detail' report:

New 'DeptID Approvers' report

This report identifies approver assignments in the financial system by DeptID. The report can be run at multiple levels (RRC, ZDeptID and DeptID), by transaction type (general ledger, expenses, requisitions, vouchers) and approver type (primary, alternate, or certified approver). The report is not tied to specific transactions but does provide a list of the current approvers associated with the DeptID and DeptID attribute.

Try out the new 'DeptID Approvers' report:

This message was sent by the Financial Reporting Work Group, part of the EFS Improvements Initiative of the University of Minnesota.

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