New Government Requirement for Grant Applicants

Please share the following message with grant applicants:

If you know of faculty who may be submitting a proposal to a Public Health Service (PHS) agency such as the NIH, please help us keep them informed of the following crucial change in financial conflict of interest (FCOI) rules that will impact their eligibility if they are not in compliance:

As of August 24, all grant applicants must verify at the time of proposal that any entity named in the proposal as the recipient of a subaward (e.g. institutions where key non-UMN collaborators are employed) has a PHS-compliant FCOI policy or agrees to abide by the policy in place at UMN. Projects involving smaller research institutions, small businesses, and foreign universities are particularly at risk of being non-compliant.

Please encourage all faculty who do research in PHS-related fields to contact the CLA Grants Team to discuss how this new policy will affect them.

A list of all PHS agencies can be found here:

Detailed information about the new policy can be found at:

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