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W-4 and Direct Deposit Forms

Some units are still including W-4 and Direct Deposit forms in their intake packets for new employees. Remember these services are now available online at Employee Self-Service. Please remove the W-4 and Direct Deposit forms from your intake packets and direct new employees to Of course new employees need to have job data entered before they can use Employee Self-Service, so please direct these employees to these online forms and other employee features on the self-service site after their appointments have been entered.

B-Term Foreign Nationals

Payroll Services must enter additional information for the set up of foreign nationals. If you have a new foreign national on a "B" term appointment, please make sure to let your service team know about this new employee as soon as possible. Payroll services would like to have these employees entered by Monday, September 10.

I-9 Information for Foreign National Employees

The following is an amended communication from Laura Negrini, Associate Director for Payroll Services

With the start of the school year fast approaching, Foreign Nationals need to complete their payroll paperwork.  Walk-in service will be available from August 29 through September 7 in room 100 Donhowe and 545 WBOB. Individual appointments will not be scheduled during this time.  Foreign Nationals can expect to spend 10-15 minutes completing the necessary paperwork and online I-9 form.

The online I-9 form must be completed within the first three days of employment. Review the start date of your Foreign National employee(s) and make sure they come on the date that ensures compliance with the 3-day rule.

Who should and should not attend?
  • All new foreign national employees with fall term appointments should come to Donhowe (on or after their hire date) to complete the I-9 and other paperwork.
  • Foreign national non-service fellows (company UNS) should not be sent to Donhowe as they do not need to complete the I-9 form.
What should be done before the foreign national employee comes to Donhowe?
  • Your Foreign National employee(s) must visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) before starting work and completing the I-9.
  • If they do not have a social security number, they must apply for a social security number at Social Security Administration before coming to Donhowe.
  • More information about the foreign national process can be found at
What documents should the foreign national employees bring to Donhowe?
  • Passport, I94 card, visa document (I20, DS2019, etc.),
  • Social Security card or receipt from Social Security Administration.
  • Department location (for the Online I-9) and department contact name and phone number.
If you have any questions, please contact the OHR Call Center at (612) 625-2016.

FY13 Pay Plan Adjustment Transfers

The FY13 post budget pay plan adjustments for P&A and TA/UI were transferred to units on August 28. The document numbers are 0000433966 for the P&A transfer and 00004339691 for TA/UI.

Reminder for New Employees

Please advise new employees that their home address and phone are automatically published in the online directories unless they take steps to suppress the information. Personal address and phone information can be suppressed for new employees at the time of initial entry into the payroll system, if requested on the HRIF, but employees should be directed to employee self-service as well so they can maintain their own address and suppression levels.

The link to employee self service is:

Web Team Transition

Dan Kunitz, CLA Web Team lead and project manager, will be leaving CLA-OIT on Friday, August 31. Dan has accepted the position of Digital Content and IT Professional at the U's Institute on the Environment where he will continue to lend his expertise in the web realm while branching into new territory at the IonE's service desk. As an avid conservationist, Dan and the Institute will be a wonderful fit. Our loss is most certainly their gain!

Note that during this interim period we will make every attempt to provide the same level of support you've come to expect. Need updates to your department's website? Need access to edit your site with Contribute? Continue to send these and any other web-related questions or requests to

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