Graduate Assistant Health Plan Open Enrollment Fall 2012

An Announcement from the Office of Student Health Benefits

Dear Department Contacts,

The 2012-2013 Graduate Assistant Health Plan year is almost here and enrollment is underway. Packets have been mailed to all returning Graduate Assistants who need to reenroll for coverage this fall.

A few important reminders:

  • Please direct your newly hired graduate assistants, trainees, and fellows to the enrollment information, including brochures and forms, on our website at your earliest convenience. Paper packets are available. If you would like paper packets please email a request to our office. You do not need to disperse packets to currently enrolled GA's.
  • Please make sure all assistantships are posted in HRMS prior to the first day of employment. Assistantships must be posted in order for employment to be verified by the Office of Student Health Benefits. Enrollment cannot be processed until employment is verified. Posting assistantships in HRMS will ensure your students receive their health plan cards in a timely manner.
  • Fellows and trainees must complete the regular enrollment process PLUS submit a Department Authorization Form. The Office of Student Health Benefits cannot process fellow or trainee enrollment without a completed Department Authorization Form. Departments do not need to complete this form for teaching assistants or research assistants.
Twin Cities
If you have students who will not be returning to their positions, please notify our office prior to August 31 so that their coverage can be terminated. This will enable our office to notify students of their eligibility to enroll for Continuation of Coverage.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Duncan Okello
Office of Student Health Benefits
University of Minnesota
(612) 624-0627

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