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Meeting Agenda: Thursday, September 6, 2012

Please click on the link for a look at this week's agenda.

The CLA NOW meeting will take place in 50 Willey Hall Seminar Room from 9:00 to 10:00am, tomorrow, Thursday, September 6.

FY2012 Document Return to Units

Now as we enter our third month of FY2013, it is that time of year when the financial service teams need to return the prior fiscal year (FY12) documents to the units for safekeeping and record retention. We routinely return documents to the units at this time of year. This is done because the department has the responsibility to maintain the records pertaining to their unit and also because there isn't room for storage on the service teams. Please work with your service team to work out how best to make this transfer and let them know of any special circumstances that need to be considered.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Class Lists

CLA Payroll staff are working diligently to enter fall appointments for returning instructors and assistants by the first day of classes to ensure that these employees will be able to access their class rosters. In the case that units need to submit late appointments, we want to make you are aware of an alternative way to access these class rosters.

  • Go to:
  • Type "class list" in search reports field
  • Select either "Class List" or "Class List by Subject - PDF Format"
  • Follow the prompts to arrive at the course for which you need a roster

Administrators and support staff in units should be able to access these lists.

Human Resources Information Form for New Grad Students

A Payroll Office Reminder

We will need an HRIF for new graduate student employees who do not have historical appointment information in HRMS. This is because new appointments in HRMS need the following three addresses input into HRMS: home address, campus mail address and campus office address.

When submitting these forms to payroll for new employees, please make sure that you fill out the form completely.

I-9 Processing Reminders (for Non-Foreign Nationals)

With fall semester right around the corner it is that time again to send out a reminder regarding Form I-9 processing. You will recall that there was a change this year. E-Verify will now enable you to select a future hire date up to 365 calendar days after the current date. In other words, Part II can now be completed in advance of the first three days of their employment. The latest this can be done stays unchanged. It must be done by the third day of employment. It is also important that Part II not be completed until the employee has actually been hired and we have received an accepted offer letter. This is because the I-9 Employment Verification process cannot be used to "pre-screen" candidates.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Administrators are responsible to ensure that every new hire has completed their I-9 Form before the third day of the start of their appointment.
  • After three days, administrators must notify their financial service team to suspend or terminate all new hires who have not completed their I-9.
  • Your Financial Service Team is available to assist in this endeavor.
  • Department administrators are responsible for ensuring that all new employees (i.e. faculty, instructional staff, graduate assistants, student workers) complete Section 1 of the I-9 (online) prior to the start of their appointment and making sure they complete Section 2 before the third day of the start of their appointment.

Completing Section 1 prior to their first day provides new staff with the list of acceptable documentation from which they are to choose one to bring with them when meeting with their service team.

Numerous appointments have already been scheduled for the financial service teams' Executive Account Specialists (EAS) to attend departmental orientation sessions as a way to further be efficient in this endeavor. Taking advantage of processing the I-9 during scheduled group meetings has been identified as a best practice. Let your service team know if you have other ideas that will be helpful to you.

If you have any questions, please contact your senior accountant or your HR representative.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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