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Building Safety Committees

CLA building contacts listed with Facilities Management received an email from FM this week encouraging participation on building safety committees (click here for the message). Please cc: Scott Elton in CLA Planning ( when you respond to by October 5 deadline, so we can make sure there is adequate CLA representation on these committees. Also contact Scott if you did not receive the message and want to learn more about being listed with FM as a building contact.

Update U-Space Inventory Deadline

The Department Space Coordinator space inventory update deadline is Friday, October 5th at 4:30 p.m. There is helpful coding information available at including new mini tutorials for a quick refresher course. In particular, please pay attention to the difference between Organized Research (Function Code 21) and Department Research (Function Code 22). You are also encouraged to use this opportunity to enter occupant information into the U-Space database. Contact Scott Elton in CLA Planning (; 6-0950) for more information.

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