Reminder to Verify that Scholarships Disbursed for Fall Semester

The following message was written in collaboration with the CLA Office of Undergraduate Programs

The Office of Student Finance reminds us to check for any scholarship awards that did not disburse. One way to do this is to check in STAR for your Department's list of scholarships and review lists of all current recipients of either freshmen or continuing student awards. If there are any with "$0" disbursed, check for the reason. The student may not have met criteria such as full-time status, may have moved out of CLA, or may have graduated. In those cases, the student award must be cancelled in PeopleSoft and those funds are then available to re-award.

Departments have the option to re-award at this time. Please note that after the start of the semester, any new award may impact a student's current financial aid package. It will depend on the student's existing financial aid package. A new scholarship could reduce a loan amount or work study eligibility. You may contact either Andy Hill or Nate Rosckes (at, Office of Student Finance, to review the student's financial award package and the impact of an additional scholarship. A student will receive an email notice when new scholarship funds are disbursed to their student account, but it would be helpful if the department would notify the student of their new award and encourage the student to see One Stop Student Services with any questions.

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