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Community Fund Drive

CLA's participation in the 2012 Community Fund Drive has been terrific. Many thanks to those of you who have pledged, and to our grassroots volunteers for their efforts to support their unit's participation. The participation rate is at 38.61%. That's 454 faculty and staff who have come together to pledge over $105,000 to help people in their communities! We should be very proud of our collective efforts. Haven't pledged yet? There's still time. Through Sunday, November 4, go to www.umn.edu/cfd. Click Donate. Follow the prompts. That's it...but don't wait - pledge today!


After many months of module development and testing, we will soon be ready to launch our newest Intersections-Hiring module: Hire a P & A (Z-term). Come to next week's CLA NOW meeting for a presentation highlighting the changes unique to this module. This module builds upon the success of our two previous hiring modules (i.e. Hire a Grad and Hire an Undergrad).

Since the College has invested significant resources into creating this tool which has resulted in better efficiencies and more transparent workflow, we are at a juncture in which the expectation going forward will be to have all Grad and Undergrad appointments processed utilizing the Intersections-Hiring tool. There will still be circumstances, although infrequent, when processing these types of appointments in the manual paper manner will be necessary. However, short of a good reason for the manual process, all grad and undergrad appointments will be processed utilizing Intersections-Hiring.

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